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ISO 9001,ISO 20000, ISO 27001

ITSM Directionsprovides cost-effective consultancy and support for businesses interested in ISO 9001,ISO 20000 or ISO 27001 certification.

Our flexible approach will support you through implementation, certification and maintenance of your management system.

We combine extensive practical experience with industry standard qualifications to provide the highest level of consultancy and support. 

Successful certification to an ISO standard will raise your company profile, increase customer satisfaction and promote continual service improvement. This enables your business to focus on profit, growth and cost-effectiveness.

More information on ISO 9001,ISO 20000, ISO 27001

ISO 9001,ISO 20000, ISO 27001

ISO 9001:2008 Quality

ISO 9001 is now one of the most widely adopted and recognised International Quality Management standards. Its flexibility makes it suitable for manufacturing and service industries. The main aim is to improve customer satisfaction through continual improvement.


How will ISO 9001:2008 benefit my company? 

  • gives a competitive advantage when tendering for new business
  • improves industry profile by having an internationally recognised certification
  • increases customer satisfaction through continual improvement processes
  • reduces unnecessary costs
  • supports business growth. 

How will ITSM Directions help you achieve ISO 9001:2008?

  • fully identifying your requirements
  • streamlining and linking business processes
  • defining business roles and objectives
  • ensuring relevant documentation and systems are up-to-date
  • preventing duplication of work
  • highlighting ways of reducing wastage
  • recognising areas for continual improvement
  • developing an efficient and practical quality management system. 

Implementing ISO 9001 is more than just ticking boxes. It’s about developing a quality management system which will add long term value to your business.

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ISO 9001:2008 Quality

ISO 20000:2005 IT Service Management

This is the international standard for IT Service Management; it applies to internal and external suppliers. The standard is aligned with IT Infrastructure guidelines (ITIL) now globally accepted as industry best practice.It gives IT providers a management framework to meet the increasing demands of business users and manage evermore complex infrastructures. 

How will ISO 20000:2005 benefit my company?

  • improves business profile by having an internationally recognised certification
  • gives a competitive advantage during tendering processes for outsourced services
  • ensures that complex infrastructures can be managed and changed with less risk to user services
  • helps businesses develop a catalogue of services to meet their requirements
  • promotes effective service planning and thorough investigation of root causes
  • enables user incidents dealt with efficiently through effective service desk processes
  • tailors IT services to the needs of the organisation and users
  • improves IT asset management
  • promotes communication between IT services and the user community 

How will ITSM Directions help you achieve IS0 20000: 2005?

  • identifying IT service requirements
  • mapping and linking IT processes
  • defining IT policies and procedures
  • ensuring relevant documentation and systems are up-to-date
  • recognising areas for continual improvement
  • helping you get value from your IT investment. 

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ISO 20000:2005 IT Service Management

ISO 27001:2005 Information Security

This is the international standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). It consists of documented policies and procedures which form a management framework. ISO 27001 requires a risk register and appropriate controls to manage information security. 

Use of the internet and remote working has increased risks to security, these range from information theft to interference via hacking and malicious code. Organisations can lose many times their annual turnover and, in extreme cases, their whole business if information is not adequately protected. 

How will ISO 27001:2005 benefit my company?

  • business information is managed in a secure and reliable environment
  • builds customer confidence in their information being managed effectively
  • ensures commercially sensitive information remains with authorised partners
  • comprehensive risk assessments are routinely carried out and reviewed
  • ensures adequate controls are put in place to mitigate or remove risks
  • standardising internal policies which support staff in handling business information
  • an internationally recognised certification endorses the business as an effectively managed secure organisation.  

How will ITSM Directions help you achieve ISO 27001:2005?

  • promote user awareness of the standard
  • guide you through effective risk assessing
  • define policies and procedures relating to information management
  • assist in developing your statement of applicability
  • carry out pre assessment audits
  • through implementation of IS0 27001 ITSM Directions will help you ensure that business information is subject to three key principles; confidentiality, integrity and accessibility.

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ISO 27001:2005 Information Security


We appreciate the issues facing organisations, specifically small to medium enterprises, wishing to adopt and maintain ISO standards. 

The implementation has an initial one-off cost. However, to maximise the benefits of accreditation, ongoing management of the standard is vital.

ITSM Directionsoffers a range of services to help you to plan, implement, maintain, audit and improve your management system. We operate a flexible pricing scheme tailored to your needs.
What do we offer?

New certification packages: for businesses that are not certified to an ISO standard. 

  • consultancy and implementation planning
  • gap analysis
  • documentation review
  • preparation for certification audits. 

Management system support services:for organisations who have previously been certified but need ongoing support and advice to maintain their ISO standard. 

  • management of internal audit schedules
  • represent the organisation during external audits
  • maintain management system documents
  • prepare and conduct management reviews
  • process improvements recommendations and advice. 

Why ITSM Directions? 

  • We listen to you and are committed to understanding your needs.
  • We offer remote support via telephone and email.
  • Early identification and resolution of non conformity issues.
  • Partnership with senior management to improve business performance.
  • Flexible pricing allows you to choose from fixed prices and daily rate options.

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