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Catapult Communications is the leading provider of advanced digital telecom test systems

Catapult’s DCT2000® and MGTS® systems deliver test solutions for hundreds of protocols spanning 3G, IMS, GPRS, GSM, SS7, ISDN, IN, VoIP, ATM, and other network environments.

Catapult is committed to providing testing tools that are at the forefront of the telecom technology curve. 

Equipment manufacturers and service providers use Catapult systems for: 

- Design & Feature Verification
- Conformance & Interoperability Testing 
- Load & Stress Testing
- Installation & Acceptance Testing
- Monitoring & Analysis

By partnering with Catapult, equipment developers, service providers and operators can realise the tangible benefits of: 

- Faster time-to-market
- Higher quality product
- Reduced development cost

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