J and S Industries Ltd


We market application and guidance equipment for agricultural equipment and associated industries. We act as a sales and support company in the market for ranges of exclusive agricultural equipment.

We are always looking for new technology to enhance product range with new agricultural techniques. We have a network of outlets and individuals that offer our extensive product range.  

Agricultural Pesticide metering

We have a range of chemical metering pumps for adding pesticides on the move, this enables the sprayer to carry clean water and only add the required pesticide in the required dose rate at the appropriate place in the during the application.

Flow Controls

Our products include Raven flow controls. These are a range of products that cover the application of liquids, slurry, seeds, and chemical injection, and granular fertilizers.

Our flow controls are enhanced with features like rugged design and easy operation, individual keys for entering information and individual keys to display information. They also provide the option of having the boom section switches within the console and less boxes in the cab makes installation faster.


Our guidance systems are from Raven and includer the Cruizer II, Envizio and Viper ranges, all of which can combine with the NEW MD steering wheel.


Our ISOBUS systems are based on the Raven ECU and can be used for Slurry Application, Sprayer and Spreading control including Chemical Injection

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