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We specialise in manufacturing and supplying electric actuators, ball valve actuators, electric butterfly actuators, pneumatic actuators and electric valve actuators.

We are based in Worcestershire and are quality assured with an ISO9001:2008. We have a great deal of experience and provide our customers with a competitive, quality solution and exemplary customer care.

Our actuated ball valve range covers a range of options including the following:

  • Brass 2 way ball valve
  • Brass 3 way ball valve
  • Stainless BSP 2 way fire safe
  • Stainless BSP 2 way ball valve
  • Cast iron 2 way ball valve
  • Cast iron 3 way ball valve
  • Plastic 2 way ball valve
  • Plastic 3 way ball valve
  • Stainless BSDP HP 3 way ball valve
  • Stainless flanged 2 way ball valve
  • Stainless 3 way ball valve

We can supply your actuated ball valve package. There is a comprehensive range of actuated ball valve options from electric ball valve to butterfly valve options. The valves that are used in our actuated ball valve packages are CE marked in line with the Pressure Equipment Directive and in accordance with ISO5211.

Actuated Butterfly Valve

We have a number of actuated butterfly valve options available including cast iron wafer butterfly valve, ductile iron lugged butterfly valve, high performance butterfly valves and plastic wafer butterfly valve.

We also have two actuated butterfly valve options with PTFE liners, namely the stainless steel butterfly valve and the cast iron wafer butterfly valve. Choose the actuated butterfly valve you require from the website.

If you need more clarification on the actuated butterfly valve. you can get more details by following the links to the technical sheets.

Actuated Butterfly Valve

Actuated Valve

We have a range of ISO5211 compliant ball valves that allow direct mounting of the J3 electric actuators making their stock flexible and offering excellent levels of service to their many and varied customers.

The range of electrically operated actuated valve options we offer covers brass, cast iron and stainless steel ball valves, plastic ball valves, through to fire-safe and anti static carbon and stainless steel ball valves and on to high pressure carbon and stainless steel instrumentation quality ball valves. End connections can be screwed, socket and butt weld, or flanged, and most of the valves are available in 2 or 3 way configuration.

We can either supply the J3 actuated valve alone for you to mount, or we supply and mount to customer supplied valves, or supply a complete valve and electric actuator package, fully assembled and dry bench function tested. Complete actuated valve packages are the mainstay of of our business ad include actuated valves with brass, cast iron, carbon and stainless steel and plastic ball valves, in either 2 way or 3 way and a wide range of actuated butterfly valves covering valves in cast and ductile iron, carbon and stainless steel, and plastics.

Actuated Valve

Electric Actuator

We are based in Worcestershire and have an extensive knowledge of electric actuators covering ball valves and butterfly valves. We are ISO9001:2008 quality assured and specialise in the following types of valves: electric actuators, electric valve actuators, ball valve actuators, electric butterfly valve actuators and pneumatic actuators.

Our electric valve actuators include five main types:

  • J3 series electric valve actuator
  • J2-10 electric valve actuator
  • U series electric valve actuator
  • R series electric valve actuator
  • J2 series electric valve actuator
Electric Actuator

Electric Ball Valve

We have a comprehensive electric ball valve range. The electric ball valve range covers several different types including:

  • Brass 2 way and brass 3 way ball valve
  • Stainless BSP 2 and 3 way ball valve
  • Cast iron 2 and 3 way ball valve
  • Plastic 2 and 3 way ball valve
  • Stainless BSP 2 way fire safe ball valve

We are technical experts in electric ball valve technology coming from decades of experience. We will guarantee to replace all faulty parts in our electric ball valve products in the 12 month period of receipt of goods. 

We have a comprehensive range of electric ball valve products to suit any application.

Electric Ball Valve

Electric Butterfly Valve

We have four electric butterfly valve actuators to choose from.

The choices range from:

  • Cast iron wafer electric butterfly valve
  • High performance electric butterfly valve
  • Ductile iron lugged electric butterfly valve
  • Plastic wafer electric butterfly valve

We also have a two PTFE lined electric butterfly valves, namely the stainless steel electric butterfly valve or the cast iron electric butterfly valve.

Electric Butterfly Valve

Valve Actuator

When valves need to be automated, they can use a valve actuator and the actuators help to open and close a variety of valves in a number of technical plants. Applications such as wastewater treatment plants can use a valve actuator to good use. Some of the valve actuators are electric devices whilst others are referred to as pneumatic items. Specialist companies that supply the actuators to many industries have a vast range of valve actuation supplies. Some examples of what types of units are on offer can be found through online sites.

A valve actuator works in a different way depending on what type is chosen. Some are on-off types where some form of power is used to open them and power is also used to close them as well. Others are failsafe where the unit fails to a safe position should there be a power failure of any type. The system can be set to fail to a pre-set position as designated by the user when it is installed.

A number of facilities will be reliant on their valve actuators and they will have good quality units installed that open and close valves as and when they are required to do so.

Valve Actuator

Pneumatic Valves

As part of our extensive range of high-quality and high-performance products, we supply pneumatic valves.

Our pneumatic valves are suitable for a number of applications and with so many models and specifications to choose from, we are sure to meet your requirement.

The range includes:

  • Brass 2 way ball valve
  • Brass 3 way ball valve
  • Stainless BSP 2 way firesafe
  • Stainless flanged 2 way ball valve
Pneumatic Valves

Electric Valve Actuator

We are a specialist supplier of electric valve actuators and actuated valve packages. We can offer you electric valve actuator and pneumatic actuation solutions primarily for 1/4 turn rotary applications. These applications typically cover ball valves, plug valves, butterfly valves and dampers.

Operating to an independently assessed and approved IS09001 - 2000 quality assurance system, we supply electric valve actuators only for fitting by their clients. We can supply mounts and test the actuators to valves before being issued to clients. We also supply a complete electric valve actuator package to fit the requirement you need.

Every electric valve actuator valve supplied is CE marked in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive where required. All our electric valve actuators are in line with IS05211 which means you can directly mount actuators.

Electric Valve Actuator

Pneumatic Actuators

We have a comprehensive range of pneumatic actuators and air operated ball valves. Our pneumatic actuator range covers ball valve actuators and butterfly valve actuators.

Our pneumatic actuators are similar in range to our electric actuators and cover many types of ball valve including:

  • Brass 2/3 way ball valve
  • Stainless BSP 2/3 way ball valve
  • Stainless BSP HP 2/3 way ball valve
  • Stainless flanged 2/3 way ball valve
  • Cast iron 2/3 way ball valve
  • Plastic 2/3 way ball valve
Pneumatic Actuators

Actuated Valve Experience

We pride ourselves on nearly 15 years experience providing an actuated valve experience. We serve a wide range of customers from valve manufacturers, valve distributors, contractors, Original Equipment Manufacturers and end users. Our actuated valve experience provides a high level of expertise in the valve automation field.

We have a well earned reputation for asking the right questions to ensure the correct actuated product is selected for the intended application and paying attention to details that many of their rivals miss. This will give you a high degree of customer confidence and most of our customers have been with us for a very long time. This trust is hard earned.

Assembly & testing

Nearly all the valve and actuator packages are assembled and tested in house.  This guarantees the customer that 100% of their orders are function tested prior to shipping. Mounting kits are manufactured in-house wherever possible to maintain the quality control and delivery deadline schedules.


We have been ISO:9001 approved by TUV since 2001, and now hold ISO9001:2008. Operating to the ISO9001 procedures is standard practice, or indeed the culture within the organisation and this again helps ensure that the right product is selected, assembled and tested and shipped.

Web Site

Our web site has been exceptionally well received as so many engineers and buyers find the mass of product and industry information beneficial, and since our UK site was launched in 2008, we now export to around 20 different countries and now have major stockists in the USA, Dubai and South Africa, with several more in the pipeline.

Choose us for innovation, quality, reliability and service.

Actuated Valve Experience

Mounting Kits

If mounting kits are needed to connect valve and actuator then most kits are machined and manufactured in-house using stainless steel components. This in-house manufacture reduces lead times compared to sourcing these parts from sub-contractors specialising in mounting kits.

The types of mounting kits that we have include:

  • Laser cut and folded SS brackets
  • Adapter spacer flanges
  • Spacer flanges
  • SS drive adapters
  • SS square reducers
  • Full kits form SS box section

Technical expertise comes from decades of experience both in the practical environment of marine engineering and technical representation for national distributors in the valve industry.

We have a solid reputation for providing the right mounting kits for the application you need. We are always on time and our prices are very competitive.

Mounting Kits
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