J S T (U K) Ltd.

JST is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of electrical and electronic connectors.

JST's product portfolio contains thousands of different terminals and connectors
  • Surface Mount
  • Flat Flexible Circuit Connectors
  • Crimp Wire to Board
  • Headers
  • Flat Cable
  • Wire to Wire
  • Board to Board
  • Power to Supply
  • Wire to Board EMI Shielded Connectors
  • IC Memory Card Connectors
J.S.T. (U.K.) Ltd is responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of JST’s electrical and electronic range of connectors and application tooling for the UK and Ireland.

J.S.T. (U.K.) Ltd also has specialist design and lab facilities to facilitate the development of new connectors and harnesses for specialist and bespoke applications.
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