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JA Envirotanks produce the "Envirotank" patented enclosed bunded storage tank at our Birmingham factory, which is used in quarry and distribution facilities all over the UK. Typical applications for our storage tanks would be fuel storage tanks, gas oil for standby generators and boilers, diesel storage tanks, workshop waste oil tanks, oil storage and adblue tanks. We supply large fuel storage tanks to Petrol Companies, Heating Engineers and specialised customers throughout the world.

General Tanks:

  • Cylindrical
  • Underground
  • Vertical
  • Rectangular


  • General tanks
  • Below Ground Tanks
  • Gravity Fed Tanks
  • Autolube Tanks

 Other ranges are Bunded, Galvanised and Condensating Tanks.

The Envirotank is designed for long term service and reliability. As a requirement of The Control of Pollution Regulations, JA Envirotanks products are equipped with leak detection alarms, overfill alarms, mechanical overfill prevention devices and accurate gauging. Control cabinets with spillage containment are fitted and equipped with roller shutter or steel lockable doors. Dispensing pumps and fuel monitoring equipment are mounted within the cabinet in order to provide a ready use factory tested refuelling package as the Turnkey solution. JA Envirotanks portable fuel stations can be deployed and in use at the client’s premises within very short time frames.

The Envirotank design is compliant with The Control of Pollution Regulations 2001 and manufactured to OFTEC Standard 'OFS T200' (the current UK standard that includes Enclosed Bunded fuel tanks). All Envirotanks are manufactured in a range from 200 litres to 140,000 litres capacity and the standard delivery period is normally within 5 working weeks.

Aviation Fuel Storage Tanks Enclosed Bunded

Aviation Fuel Storage Tanks Enclosed Bunded for aboveground use or Double skinned Cylindrical tanks for installation belowground. 

  • Suitable for Jet A1 and Avgas Fuels
  • Internal Lining or Available with Primary tank in Stainless Steel
  • Support Cradles
  • Stainless Steel Pipework, Flanges, Fittings & Bosses
  • Atex Approved Gauges & Alarms (Dependant on zonal area classification)
  • Ladders & Platforms for Above Ground Tanks
  • Finished Externally in white or Magnolia Gloss Finishes
Aviation Fuel Storage Tanks Enclosed Bunded

Belowground Double Skinned Storage Tanks

JA Envirotanks Belowground Double Skinned Storage Tanks are the current recommendation for the storage of Hazardous fuels and chemicals below ground level, offering continuous protection to the surrounding environment.

The inner tank is generally manufactured in accordance with BS EN 12285-1 With it's unique Leak Monitoring System the double skinned below ground storage tank will warn you if failure should occur without any loss of product.

The Storage tank is produced from Certified Carbon Steel for strength and protected externally with two coats of black bitumen or a tough corrosion resistant polyurethane coating, spark tested prior to despatch. The cavity between the inner and outer skin is filled at our works with specialised leak monitoring fluid and sealed prior to despatch.
Designed for 98% containment of product and is supplied with overfill prevention valves.
The below ground double skinned storage tank is normally delivered by our own fleet of vehicles in order to ensure delivery schedules are maintained.
Since being established in 1857 JA Envirotanks are one of the leading suppliers to Industry, our design is similar to storage tanks installed in Europe for the last 20 years.
  • Continuous monitoring for total environmental protection
  • Product stocks are safely contained
  • Tank continuously under test throughout it's life
  • Tanks can be encased in a suitable granular or concrete back fill
  • Multi compartment tanks available to customers requirements
  • Simplicity of design reduces costly site time
  • Manufactured at our Birmingham facility ideally situated on the hub of the UK motorway network.

Additional Fittings
  • Holding down straps
  • 600mm I/D manway access covers
  • Contents gauges
  • Dipsticks
  • Overfill prevention valve with or without offset fill adapters
  • Internal fill pipes
  • Internal suction pipes
  • Leak detection device (intrinsically safe) complete with reservoir, alarm unit, relay and probe
  • Installation kit for leak detection device
  • Four litre container of leak detection fluid for filling reservoir on site
  • Flanges for connecting GRP access chambers
  • High Accuracy Guaging Systems
Belowground Double Skinned Storage Tanks

JA Envirotanks - Key Benefits

" Highly Qualified and Experienced Staff "

1) Design

  • Experienced Staff
  • Engineering Design
  • Computer Aided Design

2) Manufacture

  • Over 150 Years
  • Large Steel Stock
  • Competitive Lead Times
  • Bulk Order Capabilities

3) Solution Providers

  • Tank Consultancy
  • One Source Solutions
  • Reliable Contacts
JA Envirotanks - Key Benefits

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