Jacob (UK) Ltd


Jacob (UK) Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of ductwork

They can produce ductwork in stainless steel, powder coated mild steel and galvanised mild steel. They were established in 2000, meaning they have over 10 years of experience in the industry.


Jacob (UK) Ltd can manufacture ducting in a variety of materials, including stainless steel. They use techniques such as galvanised steel and powder coating steel to produce their ducting.

For more information on ducting, please visit their website. 

Flexible Ducting

Jacob (UK) Ltd can produce flexible ducting to individual customer specifications. Their bespoke flexible ducting can be manufactured using a variety of materials.

For more information on Jacob (UK) Ltd's flexible ducting, please visit their website.

Dampers and Diverter Valves

Jacob (UK) Ltd is an expert in the manufacture and supply of dampers and diverter valves. They can manufacture their dampers and diverter valves to individual requirements.

They have the knowledge and ability to work to a variety of specifications and in numerous types of steel for the manufacture of dampers and diverter valves.


Jacob (UK) Ltd are a manufacturer of high quality piping components. They can manufacture piping in a variety of materials and to bespoke customer specifications.

For more information on their piping, please visit Jacob (UK) Ltd's website.

Stainless Steel Pipework

Jacob UK specialise in working with stainless steel for a quality finish. Their stainless steel pipework is manufactured with quality in mind.

Jacob (UK) Ltd also offers a range of other products that they manufacture to the highest of quality. For more information on their stainless steel pipework or their range of other products, please visit their website.

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