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Efficient and reliable cooling and freecooling ensure great resilience, energy-efficient operation and, at the same time, lowest overall operating costs for data centres.

Since 1996, JAEGGI technology has firmly established itself when it comes to cooling data centres. From small server rooms with a cooling capacity of just a few 100 kilowatts to large data processing centres with a cooling capacity of several megawatts – JAEGGI hybrid dry coolers are an efficient and reliable part of the plant.

JAEGGI can support you in optimising the plant design by providing you with detailed operational data for PUE/efficiency analysis.

Free Cooling

Jaeggi hybrid and adiabatic coolers reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions by replacing energy-hungry refrigeration chillers during lower ambient conditions.  Depending on cooling circuit temperatures, the hybrid or adiabatic coolers can provide freecooling (and partial freecooling) for most of the year in UK and Ireland, so reducing energy use and  lowering operating costs. 

Hybrid Dry Cooler - HTK

The HTK Hybrid High Performance Cooler is a combination of air-cooled dry cooler and closed circuit evaporative cooling system. Thus the hybrid dry cooler has a high kW/m2 thermal capacity, with low operating costs that combines the advantages of conventional dry coolers with the thermal efficiency of wetted cooling in a single product.

Proven with over 25 years experience and more than 3000 installations in Europe, the Jaeggi HTK hybrid dry cooler provides the reliablity and security of operation expected from high quality Swiss engineering.

HTK advantages:
• Low cooling water temperature
• Small footprint
• Energy and water saving (up to 80/90% water saving compared to a cooling tower)
• Low noise (up to 10 dB quieter than a cooling tower)
• Hygienic operation with low maintenance requirement
• No water sprays and no aerosol emissions
• No visible vapour plumes
• Modular series with a range of dimensions and heights (1.5m low height up to 5m)
• Capacity range: 100 – 4,000 kW




Adiabatic Cooler

The Jaeggi Hybrid Blue ADC Advanced Dry Cooler is a 2nd generation wetted media adiabatic cooler which ensures lowest operating costs for the operator and provides environmentally efficient energy saving and water saving cooling technology.

Integral intelligent control and variable speed inverter controlled fans optimise and minimise the energy consumption. Progressive and adaptive humidification ensures only the necessary amount of pre-cooling water is used and so minimises water use. Thus operating costs are kept to a minimum.

- Chemical Free Operation – The mains quality pre-cooling water is not re-circulated and the system is completely drained when not in use.
- Legionella safe – No sprays or aerosols.
- Low noise level.
- No water carries from the pads to the finned heat exchangers = no contamination of the heat exchangers by airborne dust or pollutants.
- Space saving - Requires approximately 50% of the installation space of an equivalent dry air cooler.
- Lowest water consumption - Unique design regulates the amount of pre-cooling water ensuring consumption is kept to a minimum.
- Integral PLC control system with variable speed low energy EC fans.
- Due to the unique tapered arrangement of the pre-cooling pads a compact arrangement of multiple coolers is possible.
- There is no need for separate winter storage of pads. In cooler months, the lower part of the pre-cooling pads can be raised. This decreases the air side pressure drop and therefore fan energy consumption is reduced.




Hybrid Dry Condenser - HTV

The HTV Hybrid High Performance  Condenser extends the successful HTK Hybrid Dry Cooler  product range. Our expertise from years of experience and a multitude of different applications within industry and air conditioning technology have been integrated in the development of the HTV Hybrid High Performance refrigerant condenser to provide year-round high EER of the refrigeration machine and low condensing temperature.

Jaeggi Hybridtechnology Services

We offer a professional service that is both comprehensive and competent. Our Jaeggi hybridtechnology services offer long term reliability and products that are highly productive and reduce costs. Jaeggi hybridtechnology services come with the promise that our products have the best function and operation, giving you complete confidence.  

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