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Jakland UK Ltd

The Company collects scrap Tyres from all UK garages and we charge to all garages £1.00 per Tyres and we take it to our processing site.

We process scrap Tyres turn them to pieces and then grind them to powder. We Separate the steel from grinded powder as steel is being sold separately.

The all processed tire powder is exported to Canada, Africa, China and India. We have permanent demand from the clients and every month we export average three containers to our well establish clients. Read More

Jakland UK Ltd

Products & Services

  • Oil & Gas Project Resources
  • exploration to Nepal, C. Africa and India
  • Recylced and Sustainable Materials
  • Stainless Steel Materials
  • Medium to heavy materials
  • In 24-hour operations
  • Announcement - New Products Available from 21 Jan. 2011

We have recently decided to bring into stock large flat blocks of H13 and 420 stainless both in ESR form.

If you require assistance on any outstanding enquiries, no matter how big or how small, please fill in the request form on our contacts page or contact our sales staff directly by telephone.


We will collect your scrap Tyres every Monday & Thursday. we charge you £1.00 per Tyres no VAT just call or email us any time 24 hour service provided.


We have interest in oil and gas exploration in Europe, Africa Malawi Nepal and India.

If you like invest please contact at our Email or Telephone. We are looking for opportunity in other Countries.

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