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We have been designing and manufacturing snowploughs ever since we commenced trading in 1936. This vast experience has placed us at the forefront of equipment development for use in winter conditions.

As designers and manufacturers of a vast array of winter maintenance and ground support equipment, our services cover snowblowers, shredders, airport equipment and much more.


For Mother Nature's hostile conditions, the product of choice is the Vee snowplough.

We offer the complete range of designs for Vee snowploughs. This includes the straight Vee, your flexible friend with a straight blade and Vee plough functions. We also offer the fixed Vee models, ranging from a 2.26m wide agricultural Vee to the 2.286m (7’6”) high Hi-lift.


We offer numerous options in snowblowers, including skid steer, rear pull and front mount designs.

Each design in our snowblowers range offers its own unique and immensely productive features, so no matter what your preference, we will have the snowblower to match. Visit our website for more information, where you can also download a brochure.


We also offer an impressive selection of spreaders. Our spreaders range covers vehicle mounted spreaders, towed spreaders and 3 point linkage spreaders.

Within these ranges there are many different designs and model specifications available, such as body swap vehicle mounted spreaders, engine drive towed spreaders and hydraulic drive 3 point linkage spreaders.

Airport Equipment

Our extensive services and vast product range also covers airport equipment. Designed and manufactured with a focus on quality, reliability and high-functionality, our airport equipment is renowned for being the best.

Fabrication and Special Projects

For fabrication and special projects, we provide comprehensive and informed solutions. Throughout the years we have worked with clients and designed bespoke products and services to suit the most complex and unique requirements.

Whether you are looking for a shaft repair, need a new wash bay built or want a cardboard box waste bin designed and fabricated, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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