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We have been designing and manufacturing snowploughs ever since we commenced trading in 1936. This vast experience has placed us at the forefront of equipment development for use in winter conditions.

As designers and manufacturers of a vast array of winter maintenance and ground support equipment, our services cover snowblowers, shredders, airport equipment and much more.

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  1. 3 Point Linkage Spreaders

    3 Point Linkage Spreaders
    The Cuthbertson range of 3 point linkage tractor spreaders cover from 0.26m³ to 2m³ capacities. The spreaders are powered from the tractor hydraulic system and offer a simple solution to pavement, housing estate, car-park or hill road gritting.
  2. Baggage Trailers

    Baggage Trailers
    Whether your baggage trailer prerequisite calls for an open trailer, a covered trailer or a curtain side trailer, the Cuthbertson bespoke range can cover your requirement. Call us to discuss your options.
  3. Belt Loader

    Belt Loader
    When working with a "no drive diamond" where motorised loaders are prohibited, the only solution is the towed belt loader. The Cuthbertsons' JAC 5000 & JAC 6000 belt loaders are engineered to with withstand the rigors of day to day life on the apron and ensure a, long-lasting, trouble free working life.
  4. Blade Ploughs

    Blade Ploughs
    The Cuthbertson range of snowploughs covers from 4×4 or small tractor plough of approx 1.2m wide by 600mm high through 600mm high x 2.1m to 3m wide slush blades used on 5½ or 6½ tonne pick-ups to 10' (3050mm) ploughs available in a range of sizes, 600mm, 750mm, 840mm, 900mm and 1,200mm used on 15, 18 and 26 tonne vehicles and end with the airfields range of ploughs measuring in at 900mm high x 5m or 6m wide. All sizes being available in steel or polymer and incorporate either 360° castors or high speed hubs and foam filled wheels to allow high speed operation. Whatever your needs there is a straight blade in the Cuthbertson catalogue to satisfy your requirement.
  5. Cargo Dollies

    Cargo Dollies
    The Cargo Dolly comes in many guises, roller top, ball bearing top or castor top. Whatever the product you're handling calls for, the Cuthbertson bespoke range can cover your needs. Call us to discuss your requirements.
  6. Front Mount Snowblower

    Front Mount Snowblower
    Erskine™ Snow Blowers have been proven for over 50 years by people who need to move snow fast after every snowfall or blizzard. This tough, dependable blower is built to go day after day and features quick mount and dismount along with trouble-free chute rotation in all conditions. We offer several different widths from 60" to 108" and all the FM blowers include hydraulic lift and chute rotation, bolt-on cutting edge, and adjustable skid shoes.
  7. Passenger Barrier

    Passenger Barrier
    To overcome the constant issue of PIGs failing on the apron, Cuthbertsons' developed the CUB. The Cuthbertson Universal Barrier is manufactured with longevity of service to the fore. Available in both single and double reel configurations the CUB ensures that client safety is not compromised due to barrier failure.
  8. Rear Pull Snowblower

    Rear Pull Snowblower
    Why a rear pull-type snow blower? The obvious answer is that you don't have to drive backwards, which is literally a pain in the neck, but also is not a very safe way to operate equipment. The RP (rear pull) blower allows you to drive forward while giving you the option to leave the front loader on the tractor if so desired. The new RP series is a 2-stage blower, so it gathers snow just like the backups. This eliminates the main problem of the old single stage pull-type blower, which bridged snow across the front of the blower, preventing it from feeding into the fan.
  9. Skid Steer Snowblower

    Skid Steer Snowblower
    A quality built blower that really works! This snow blower meets the tough demands of your skid-steer loader throwing snow up to 40' while clearing down to the ground. The skid-steer range of blowers feature a No-Freeze-Up chute design.
  10. Snowplough

    When the snow hits and you need the apron cleared, look no further than the Cuthbertson range of airfield snowploughs. From 3m to 6m wide, fitted with high speed (35mph) hubs and foam filled tyres, you can rely on the Cuthbertson plough to tackle Mother Nature head on.