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JTS is one of only a handful of independent UK companies currently manufacturing environmental test chambers. The compact nature of our company enables us to maintain a high degree of flexibility in our manufacturing processes, thus bespoke test chambers are one of our specialities.

JTS offer a wide range of competitively priced environmental test chambers. Our standard range of test chambers includes bench top and floor standing models, across temperatures ranging between -65°C and +150°C (from -80°C to +300°C for specific applications), and humidities between 10% and 98% RH.

JTS hold a stock of used test chambers and refurbished equipment which can provide an economic alternative to purchasing a new chamber, while for short term or irregular testing a selection of  hire chambers are available. 

Custom Built Environmental Test Chambers

Our flexible manufacturing methods means we can specialise in the design and build of one-off environmental chambers. We are able to modify existing test chambers to fit your requirements, or we can build new.

We have worked around many specific design requirements with our customers. These include:

  • Alternative positioning of the refrigeration plant/reconfiguration of test space/alternative access
  • Specific rates of temperature change
  • Alternative positioning of access (door, window, cable ports)
  • Reinforced floors to cope with heavy loads
  • Directed airflow for specific test product requirements
  • Lift-off lid/roof for product loading by an overhead crane
  • Over temperature safety (specifically for explosive materials)
  • Salt corrosion resistant
  • Interfacing with other manufacturers test equipment
  • Liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide cooling systems
  • Non-metallic structures
Custom Built Environmental Test Chambers

Used Second Hand Environmental Test Chambers

All our second hand test chambers come fully refurbished with a 3 month warranty. Temperature range, humidity range and control type can usually be altered to suit. The final sale price will depend on the level of modifications required.

Please visit our website to view a list of currently available second hand test chambers.

Used Second Hand Environmental Test Chambers

Test Chamber Service and Refurbishment

Our aim at JTS is to provide a premium service to ensure reliability and to maintain optimum performance from our own and any other make of test chamber. Test chambers, like any machinery, without professional & regular servicing will fail. Becoming less cost effective for your business, not to mention an inconvenience.

At JTS we understand that every business is unique and therefore we offer maintenance contracts tailored to meet YOUR needs and budget. Below you will find a list of services available on our maintenace contracts:

  • One or Two scheduled visits per year.
  • Visits can include calibration.
  • Contracts with 24 hour call out available.
  • Parts inclusive contracts.
  • Contracts with Unlimited or Limited breakdown visits.

At JTS we also understand that it isn't practical to buy a new test chamber when your old one no longer meets your requirements, which is why we offer a refurbishment service. Our experienced team of engineers are capable of extending the life of existing test chambers through upgrades or complete refurbishment. This is available on chambers of almost any manufacture, not just chambers manufactured by JTS.

Test Chamber Service and Refurbishment

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