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We needed a door stop that actually worked. Child safety is at the top of the list in our home – as it is in every home. A door guard or finger guard protects one edge of the door only, we wanted a door stopper that would prevent finger injury from the hinge side and the handle side of a door.

Our son Oscar was two years old when he trapped his fingers in the hinge side of our kitchen door. He’s not alone. Over 28,000 UK children (and 750,000 US children) visit hospital every year with injuries to their fingers from doors and door frames*.

Protecting fingers from the hinge side of a door is even more important than the handle side because of the huge pressure generated there when a door closes. So after the accident we searched for a door stop to hold our doors securely.

And when we couldn’t find one, we designed one.

The Jamm doorstop holds doors tight from both sides at the same time – protecting against life-changing injuries.

Its unique and patented design works on all floor surfaces, and with all sizes of hinged doors. It slides under the end of the door, and once in place with a grown-up push, its curved profile holds the door fast.

There are five funky colours to choose from, and all Jamm products come with simple instructions. They’re easy to use, and Oscar-proof. Good news for children everywhere.

Thanks for reading all about our Jamm doorstops – we hope you like them!

Marc and Coralie

Other uses:

• This doorstop is great for pets and pet owners. It is extremely difficult for a pet to remove this doorstop, so it won’t be chewed and need replacing, and it will stop your pet becoming trapped in a room away from their food and water.

• When painting or working on a door this doorstop holds the door securely like an extra pair of hands, and is easy to clean.

When push and pull come to shove, this Award-winning Doorstop will stay firm, providing a solution that no other door stop can match.

Designed and Made in the UK from food-safe materials, the Door Stop is available in Pacific blue, Dusk blue, Dark grey, Cerise pink and Honey beige. It is for door gaps of 2mm – 25mm.

The Jamm doorstop is the only doorstop in the World to pass the European safety test (General Product Safety Regulation (2005)).

*Department for Trade and Investment report (UK).

FACT: A closing door creates 40 tonnes of pressure – 20 times more than a Crocodile’s jaw!

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