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A motivated and dedicated company based in Dorset, providing our goods to the UK & worldwide, we are able to supply goods for any of your needs. These include: Materials handling and lifting, lockers, warehouse racking systems, warehouse equipment, industrial shelving units, trucks and trolleys, security, safety equipment, safety clothing, storage units, office furniture and containers. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our site or in our catalogue please contact us and we will use our huge database of over 3000 suppliers and sources to help fulfil your needs. Once you have ordered with us, we will use our hugely reliable range of freight forwarders to get the goods to you in great condition, promptly.

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Here at JEC Industrial Equipment we have a huge range of facilities management products for use across all sectors. We can provide you with barriers for indoor and outdoor use, bins for litter, recycling or cigarettes and walkways and smoking shelters. Our cloakroom equipment is also a popular choice with leisure centres and schools. If you require any further information please give us a call on 01258 488398 or email


We have a wide range of goods for your office environment here at JEC including office chairs, entry mats, cable covers and office displays. As well as these popular business supplies we can also help you with any storage needs your company has. For any help please call us on 01258 488398


Here at JEC we have a huge range of materials handling equipment for all your lifting, stacking, handling and storing needs. We have everything from sack trucks, stairclimbers, pallet trucks, gas cyclinder handling, lift stackers and scissor lifts. All of our material shandling equipment is of a high quality and specifically made for industrial or heavy duty purposes.


At JEC we have an ever growning range of spill products, including our own Spill-Safe range. Whether you need, Spill Kits, Spill & Drip Trays, Spill Absorbants, Spill Vacuums or consumables, we'll have the product for you.


JEC presents its safety and environmental equipment made for commercial and industrial environments. We supply a wide and diverse range of products for ensuring safety in your workplace including products that comply with the Disability Discrimiation Act. Our first aid kits will go hand in hand with our hazardous storage and safety signs meaning your workplace has the correct storage, warnings and the necessary equipment for prevention and treatment of accidents.


Security is important for organisations of all sizes. Whether you need a light and sensor to light the way to your car during the winter months, or computer security for your university, we should have something to help keep you, your staff and your business a little more secure.

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