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Jee Ltd is a multi-discipline subsea engineering and training company operating in the global oil, gas and renewables industries since 1988. We offer subsea engineering services for the whole asset lifecycle, from design, through to operation support, integrity management and pigging, to late life management including lifetime extension and decommissioning.

Subsea engineering experts

Our engineers are the best in their field and challenge the status quo, leading the way with innovative engineering solutions to deliver cost savings and safe and reliable operations. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and this is reflected in our consistently high FPAL feedback scores.

Design: We can support design projects at all stages:

  • Feasibility and field development studies
  • Conceptual design (pre-FEED)
  • FEED (define)
  • Detailed design – on its own or as part of an EPC contract

We are also experts in specialist areas such as low cost tie-back, mechanical connectors, buckling calculations and fatigue analysis. In our 28 years in the industry we have come across most things - try your challenge on us!

Operations support and integrity management: With experience in every stage of the integrity management process, we ensure your assets are operated and maintained to the appropriate standards. We offer a range of operation support services including:

  • Low cost GI (acoustic general inspection) for shallow water
  • Engineering critical assessments
  • Fitness for purpose assessment
  • Fishing interaction studies
  • Span assessments
  • Corrosion management
  • Global buckling analysis
  • Pipeline integrity management schemes (PIMSs)

Specialist pigging support: We have years of experience of undertaking pigging-related projects around the world, and have successfully helped operators inspect seemingly impossible-to-pig lines, as well as new systems. We can provide support for:

  • Subsea launching and receiving
  • Pigging challenging lines including wye pieces, multi-diameter lines and vulnerable components
  • Technical assurance
  • Project management
  • Offshore support and representation
  • Vendor selection

Late life: Whether extending the life of existing assets or decommissioning them, we have the expertise to help you manage your mature assets and maximise their potential.

  • Jee wrote and manage the ISO 12747-1 code on lifetime extension
  • Jee has experience of decommissioning subsea pipelines and infrastructure

Training with Jee

We also have a broad portfolio of technical courses. Since running our first training course in 1995, we have now trained over 7,000 subsea engineers in over 40 countries, and counting! We offer a variety of training options including:

Licensed access: Our online platform allows your team to access our high quality library of subsea engineering materials. Giving instant access to knowledge, this low cost solution helps engineers plug knowledge gaps quickly.   
Online courses: Allowing you to learn at your own pace, our online courses can be accessed at any time, from anywhere in the world with a computer and internet access.

Blended learning: Using technology to give an in-depth learning experience, our blended learning programmes include webinars, self-study, group projects and online forums. Strengthening knowledge retention and application, this approach is particularly beneficial for bonding teams and ensuring consistent global training.

Traditional classroom training: For face-to-face training, we can send a tutor to Baku, or you can come to our public venues in Aberdeen or Houston. Courses include group discussions, worked examples and exercises, and where practical, site visits.

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