Jeln Imprägnierung GmbH


JELN GmbH develops and produces coatings for wear and corrosion protection as well as casting compounds for maintenance and new production of machinery. Our production portfolio also covers impact resistant adhesives (for mounting of wear protective ceramic) and adhesives with approval for use in food products. Our impregnating agent division covers seals for rapidprototyping, foundry and thermal spraying. Some sealants are TÜV tested. Jeln also offers development of new custom-built products in cooperation with its customers. Together with its partner companies, Jeln can offer an extensive maintenance service – from worn products to ready-to-install parts.

Our products: impregnating resins, epoxy resins, casting resins, polyurethane coating products, epoxy resin adhesives, fire-resistant adhesives, wear-resistant non-stick coating services, impregnating agents for castings, metal impregnation services, wear-resistant coating services

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