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We provide a range of ballscrew repairs for any make, type or configuration of ballscrew. We can test and repair ballscrews up to 15m in length and 20m in diameter.

We have had extensive experience in the manufacture of ballscrews so we believe this gives us specialist skills when it comes to repairs.

We offer fast, reliable ballscrew repairs including out of hours and while you wait services. We can even provide emergency replacement if the ballscrew is unfixable.  

Spindle Repair Company

We offer a cost effective and quality service as a professional and renowned spindle repair company. We are the UKs number one machine tool spindle repair company. Using innovative computerised equipment, we are able to offer spindle repair on a range of spindles from the simple to the complex high frequency units.

Our repair capabilities include motor current logging, bearing temperature and lubrication, cooling efficiency, and automated run in procedure.

Precision Gears

We offer a variety of precision gears and manufacture a range of types and other accessories. We specialise in the production of prototypes and low to medium batch runs of precision gears for industries including medical, transmission, automotive and defence.

We manufacture precision gears with a diameter from 3mm to 160mm and can produce the gears in steel, aluminium, brass, bronze or plastic.

Toolpost Grinding

We produce and distribute precision grinding attachments. Our range of toolpost grinding units combine precision spindles to deliver exceptional reliability and durability.

Our toolpost grinding units are integrated with enclosed fan-cooled motors and our expert attention is given to guarantee precise balance of all rotating parts. 

Linear Actuators

We supply a selection of linear actuators including the Jena-Tec VT series that are sealed from contamination and offer force from 1,8880 to 8,900N.

Our other linear actuators comprise of the Galaxe series with integrated roller guides with four or eight bearings and the Novaxe series, MLK/Linek series, Rolek series and Verline series.

Contract Manufacturing

We have a range of manufacturing capabilities for you and can produce samples, test pieces and prototypes to suit your requirements. Our contract manufacturing service can help you customise the components you use regularly in your industry and be supported by us in the manufacturing processes.

Our contract manufacturing can include the production of one-offs or batch productions that can include manual turning, jig milling and gear cutting.

Linear B&T Spindles

Within our extensive range of precision machine tool spindles, we supply linear B&T spindles. These linear B&T spindles are designed and manufactured in the UK and Germany and are custom designed to your specific requirements.

Applications include:

  • Turning
  • Grinding
  • Drilling
  • Boring

Systematic Multi Head

As leading suppliers of linear and rotary motion servicing, our product and component range includes systematic multi head options.

These systematic multi heads are used in numerous applications including block boring, reaming, drilling and tapping.

GMN Spindles

We are stockists and suppliers of belt driven or integrated motor GMN spindles. We are exclusive representatives of GMN spindles.

These GMN spindles feature:

  • Up to 100kW output
  • Open or closed loop drives
  • Wide constant power range
  • Oil, air or permanent grease lubrication

Precision Rotary Tables

Our extensive stock and supply includes the provision of precision rotary tables. These precision rotary tables feature a slim and compact design, have an ultra precision air bearing and a digital readout option.

Applications include:

  • Manual or CNC inspection
  • Off machine setting
  • Heavy duty machining

End Supports

To complement our ballscrew product range, we supply from stock a wide variety of ballscrew end supports.

These ballscrew end supports are acquirable as standard in black oxide from stock or they are available in non-corrosive finishes to order.

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