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JFC Manufacturing are one of the leading plastic roto-moulders, based in County Galway, Ireland. At Head Office in Ireland JFC have a dedicated internal R & D office that turns innovative new product ideas into reality. In the UK. JFC have an impressive sales, warehouse and distribution centre is based in Shropshire distributing a vast array of product lines, including:

  • IBC's
  • Water Storage Tanks
  • Sewage Treatment Units
  • Agricultural Water Troughs (JFC 's core business)
  • Recycling containers suitable for CA sites.

JFC also have a extrusion line facility in Stratford upon Avon dedicated to the drainage pipe sector which is manufactured exclusively from recycled from post consumer plastic bottles supplied in house from JFC's own plastic recycling plant in Runcorn, Merseyside. J F C  have also have a production and sales office Poland and have recently lauched JFC Acclerate based in South Africa.

Approved to ISO 9001-2000 standards, we design all products in-house, fabricate moulds and manufacture products with the most advanced machinery available in the rotational moulding industry today. With this in mind, you can be sure that all products have quality and reliability built in from the start.

Using Pro-engineer enables our In-house Design team to simulate finished product on screen before work commences on the "mould build". This system affords us the opportunity to eliminate potential design faults, improve aesthetics and gives an excellent visual concept of the finished product in advance of tool fabrication.

With over 30 years experience in industry, we draw on the very broad range of expertise within the Company in innovating and developing products for markets internationally. You can be sure, when you choose JFC, you will be working with market leaders in all aspects of the modern plastics industry.


  • Recycling
  • Transport
  • Chemical
  • Industrial
  • Food
  • Hospitality
  • Medical sector
  • Materials Handling
  • Agriculture
  • Equestrian
  • Construction
  • Decking and Fencing

Our success is based on our ability to partner with our customers, and then working as a team, ensure that customers projects and products are produced swiftly and efficiently to the highest standards of quality within customers budgets.

With our experience and facilities we will explore your concepts and ideas - developing with you, solutions for your particular manufacturing requirement. We process projects through our research and development department to produce prototypes and final product production all under one roof.

A feature of the rotational moulding industry is low tool costs and you won't get better quality, at a better price than a JFC designed and built moulding tool.

Our fully trained helpful design, technical, quality and production team are available to discuss your requirements - we pride ourselves on being one of the best rotational moulders in the industry today. With warehouse storage and sales offices in the UK & Holland and a now a new production facility in Poland - We're closer to you than you thought!

 The JFC tipping trailer is the perfect accessory for towing behind ATV's,compact tractors and ride on lawnmowers.

The JFC “3 in 1” Calf Creep Feeder is the ideal solution for feeding calves at any time of year. It can be used as a standard creep feeder, a gate-mounted creep feeder or as a non-restricted creep feeder. Therefore, you can use this creep feeder during summer time when calves are with mature cattle, or alternatively, if the calves are separated from mature cattle you can adapt the creep feeder so that it is non-restricted or mounted to a gate if you prefer

 Whether you're rearing dairy herd replacements or embyros worth thousands of Euros, a JFC hutch will give your calves the best start. Moulded from 1st grade ultra violet stabilised polyethylene. Available with a number of clever and timesaving accessories. Proven by independant trials across Europe to give lower calf mortality rates due to reduced scour pneumonia and cross infection.

The JFC wheelbarrow range is ideally suited for various jobs in and around your yard and stables. With a 255 litre capacity, these barrows (two and three wheeler) are ideal in size for all kinds of transporting jobs. These superbly balanced barrows come with heavy duty pneumatic roller-bearing wheels on a galvanised chassis.Even filled to capacity these barrows have a free-flowing motion, making then ideal in size for both farm and stable work

JFC water troughs are equipped with a sturdy ball valve system, which means that there is always an adequate supply of water. The float itself is protected with a plastic cover. All troughs can set-up easily and quickly. We offer a wide range of troughs varying in capacity from a modest 50 litres to an impressive 2,000 litres.

Note: All Drinking Bowls and Water Troughs needs to be installed in compliance with the UK Water Regulations.

 CorriPipe™ is a Twin Wall high density polyethylene pipe manufactured from 100% recycled plastic. The pipe is manufactured in a twin extrusion process, which forms two
pipes, and heat welds them together as they are formed. The outside wall is corrugated whilst the inside wall is smooth.


CorriPipe™ is suitable for use in Civil Engineering, Agriculture
and other subsoil applications. This pipe is available perforated, un-perforated and half perforated, which broadens the range of applications for which it is used.

Wastewater Treatment Systems

Graf waste water treatment systems. GRAF has 45 years‘ experience of developing and manufacturing very high-quality plastic products. Thanks to one of the largest ranges on the market JFC can supply you with the right wastewater trestment system for any application. We offer three systems

Hydro-Valve Vortex Flow Control:

The Hydro-Valve is a vortex flow control device for controlling stormwater flow to a specific rate before discharge into a local storm drain or water course. Sizes are available between 1 –200 l/s depending on specification.


The HydroChamber is an arched chamber system used to provide an underground storage tank for stormwater runoff in attenuation and soak away applications. It can be used under HGV trafficked areas and car park areas as well as non-trafficked areas (e.g. green amenity areas). The system has many advantages such as BBA / WRc certification, superior structural strength, silt management, maintenance and inspection capabilities along with many more benefits.


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