Every building contractor knows the cost factors hidden in casings, scaffolding or props if these are tied into a building site for weeks or months on end. It is the same for construction machinery and particularly cranes, which often have long downtimes until the final work on a building site has been completed. In this case, it makes sense in terms of the investment to try out used props, scaffolding or casings. The investment expenditure is significantly lower for used parts. However, since we only sell tested and fully functioning goods that are in good condition, the operating time is hardly any less than with new products. See for yourself, and try one of our offers, such as used roof props, and compare them with structurally identical new goods. You will see that your cost advantage is immense, which provides you with the opportunity to leave this or that competitor behind because you can calculate your operating time of the roof props as being significantly lower than a supplier who only uses new products. It goes without saying that the same applies to construction machinery and cranes, which we will always supply to you at a bargain price. The loss of value for new machines in the first years of use is currently enormous. It is definitely worthwhile for machines that are constantly in use. All construction machines that are subject to repeated downtimes or props that spend a long time in storage between use are better bought second hand. This is because it is not the wear and tear that is the problem, but rather the high investment requirement for the purchase and the rapid loss of value on the balance sheet. We stock used props, casings and scaffolding from all reputable manufacturers such as Peri, Meva, Doka, Hünnebeck, Paschal, NOE, Ischebeck, Reber, Hägele and Wendler. As a result, we can also help you when you are looking for additions to your stock and are therefore relying on a certain brand.

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