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JH Lavender specialise in the manufacture of precision aluminium diecastings for its wide ranging and prestigious customer base.

The company  supplies Sand, Gravity and High Pressure diecastings. Significant investment has been made in CNC Machining and Finishing operations which allows JH Lavender to offer fully finished products to our customers.

Pressure Diecasting

Continual investment in high pressure diecasting technology has kept JH Lavender at the forefront of the industry in terms of process capability. Our modern foundry operates machines manufactured by Colosio and Ital press who are renowned in the industry for their superior engineering quality and reliability.

JH Lavender's average machine tonnage range has increased over the years and more and more of our customers are seeking larger lock force range components. Currently our largest machine is 1600 tonne which is fully automated with closed loop controls, 6 axis robot and 2 axis overhead spray unit. All our 750 and 500 tonne machines have real time integrated closed loop shot monitoring systems which ensures we are able to control our processes to exacting specifications.

Even though our tonnage range has increased over the years we still keep a smaller range of machines available to support our customers' needs. We pride ourself in our ability to manufacture both small and large components with varying volumes from 2.5 million to 1000 parts per annum.

We continue to plan our investment in new plant and machinery which has recently resulted in us being able to offer our customers 1600T machine capacity, with a further investment program being considered in the 2500T machine capacity range.

Gravity Diecasting

Our continual investment in gravity diecasting processes and associated technology has kept JH Lavender at the forefront of the industry. Our gravity operations work alongside our pressure foundry which encourages the sharing of technology and furthers process development.

Our foundry operates many varied gravity process incorporating hydraulic tilting systems and numerous semi automated casting process and operations. We also operate on a more traditional basis for lower volume components ensuring both large and lower volume customers are catered for.

Our gravity foundry in many ways highlights the diverse quantity and types of components we make. The gravity foundry serves around 20 different industry sectors with volumes ranging from 30 castings per annum to 70 thousand. Shot weights range from as low as 0.2kg up to 40kg with up to 10 different alloy specifications being used at any given time.

Sandcore Production

As with our pressure foundry, some of our customers require more complex components which require sand cores to be incorporated within the casting process. All sandcore manufacturing equipment at JH Lavender is thermostatically controlled and fully interlocked to enable capable and repeatable sandcore production.

CNC Machining

For many years JH Lavender has offered its customers machining, however the majority of operations were very simple processes carried out on special purpose type equipment. We now offer a complete package of full CNC machining as well as more conventional type operations for our customers. The majority of our CNC work is carried out on Mazak, Fanuc, Riello and Chiron CNC machines.

Our flexible machining operations subsequently offer both vertical and horizontal machining combined with 4th and 5th axis capability.

Fast cycle times are achieved through our Riello rotary transfer cells which typically can machine 400 parts per hour. It is of vital importance that machined components are finished correctly and we have invested heavily in washing and cleaning equipment to ensure our parts conform to our customer’s cleanliness standards.

Finishing and Assembly

We offer our customers all of the more traditional finishing process including trimming, ball burnishing, vibratory finishing, shot blasting, linishing, grinding and polishing.

We also offer extensive complementary services which include:
wet paint and powder coating, plating, hard chrome and colourings, chromation CR3 and impregnation if specified. The majority of these processes are carried out in house with the remainder being completed by our business partners externally.

Our latest development is in automated sawing and routing of components. Our customers obviously expect a high degree of consistency in traditional dressing operations like band sawing and hand linishing which is very relevant to gravity castings. We now utilise a Kuka 6 axis KR100 robot to saw and rout numerous components. The automated cell provides excellent consistency of cut and can be utilised to reduce cost by removing non value adding operations from the finishing processes.

Major improvements in health and safety also result by the reduction of manual sawing and repetitive activities.

Where possible finishing activities are integrated into our manufacturing cells, typically trimming and some machining operations are an integral part of the diecasting cell.

Die Manufacture

Quality die tooling and maintenance is the life blood of any foundry. Die tooling can be an expensive investment and our customers know that the construction and quality of tooling manufactured and maintained by JH Lavender will live up to their expectations.
A full design and die manufacture service can be offered using our extensive in-house engineering experiences in tooling manufacture and die design for optimum manufacturing and quality standards. Tooling capacity up to 7 Tonnes is achievable.


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