Designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible, the JioSoft Money Manager Personal and Small Business Accounts software allows you to track all your bank accounts, credit card statements, stocks and shares, income and expenses, loans and mortgages, asset values. As quick and intuitive to use as a chequebook register, the software is based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports. We think this software is simply the most easy-to-use and comprehensive accounting programme on the market. Ideal for a Small Business and equally suitable for your Personal Finances.

JioSoft Money Manager Accounts software

Probably the most important feature of the JioSoft Money Manager Accounts software is the simplicity of transactions. The software is easy to use and has a nice screen layout. The chequebook-style register provides a familiar and convenient interface for entering financial transactions. The register supports current accounts and savings accounts, banking and credit-card transactions, mortgage and loan accounts, tracking expenses as well as tracking income such as wages, interest income and also stocks and shares transactions.

JioSoft Money Manager Accounts software
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