JK Engineering

  • Manufacture of components in metal and plastic on multi-axis machining centres for the motorsport, medical and home electronics (hi–fi) industries.
  • Complete design and manufacturing service using the latest CAD/CAM systems with solid modelling through to machining of components on 5-axis machining centres.


JK Engineering provides CAD/CAM, solid modelling design services. All work is carried out using Open Mind's hyperMILL® geometry-oriented CAM software. The latest version 9 enables support for: high speed machining, true 5-axis option, z-level roughing/finishing, rest machining, pencil machining, 2D machining. 


About JK Engineering

John Kenny founded JK Engineering in 1998 bringing together the best ideas and practices gained from 20 years of experience working in aerospace, medical and motor sport industries.

Today, JK Engineering uses high end CAD/CAM systems and the latest 5-axis milling techniques to produce high quality, precision milled and turned components.

About JK Engineering
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