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McIntyre is a JMC Recycling Systems company and a manufacturer of recycling machinery including; metal balers, alligator shears, car de-pollution systems and aluminium ingot casting machines.  Working directly with other recycling equipment manufacturers we can also supply wire and cable strippers, cable granulators, shear balers, material loaders, metal analysers and container tilters, loaders and unloaders.  Having such an extensive range of new and used recycling machinery allows us to give you a huge choice of quality recycling equipment designed to increase the value of your metals and waste, increase your profits and reduce your costs whatever your size and wherever you are based in the world.

Everything we supply or manufacture is built with quality in mind. We work hard to develop relationships with our customers, so that they come back to us for their metal recycling equipment time after time. We recognise that if we provide inferior products, then we will lose any potential repeat business. We have scrap metal shears and metal balers still operating in the field today after more than 35 years of constant daily use.

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Although our primary business is now the manufacture and sale of equipment for the scrap metal and recycling industries, we still purchase scrap metal today. We specialise in non ferrous metals so will buy your: copper cable, copper pipes, household cable and wire, copper cylinders, aluminium and steel cans, aluminium wheels, stainless steel, electrical waste, lead and electric motors.


Alligator Shears

Alligator shears cut scrap metal into smaller pieces and help to separate different material types, earning you more money from your scrap metals. Alligator shears are ideal for recycling scrap bar, tube, extrusions, car radiators, gear boxes and gate valves as well as for weapons destruction and for cutting cable prior to stripping or granulation. McIntyre have alligator shear models available for all sizes of material and throughput and for different types of working conditions, powered by both single and 3 phase power supplies as well as diesel options for larger shears. The most popular is the McIntyre 407 alligator shear which has been operating in scrap yards all over the world for more than 30 years.  All McIntyre shears have been built to last using quality heavy duty components and, with operator safety upper-most in mind, our range of shears are equipped with blade guards and foot-operated switches. For the ultimate in alligator shear safety, the Global range have all working parts totally enclosed with optional heavy rubber safety curtains.


Scrap metal balers

Metal balers crush, cut and bale a wide range of scrap metal. They deal efficiently and quickly with metals, whether it’s something as small as aluminium cans or as large and robust as washing machines, other white goods and whole vehicles. McIntyre offers balers adapted for a range of operations, from scrap metal through to manufacturing and product destruction, and for use both indoors or in the yard. We supply machines which operate either manually or semi-automatically to fit in with your requirements. The McIntyre 5025 Big Foot is perhaps the most popular of the McIntyre range, having greater power and shear force than any other similar baler, but there are scrap metal balers here to suit any type or size of operation. We recognise that the investment in any piece of machinery needs to be recovered quickly, and the more flexible the machine the more likely it is to become the mainstay of your operation and earn its keep more quickly. If you are looking for a shear baler, then McIntyre are the sole UK agents for the Copex shear baler range.  McIntyre also supply Rotor car balers, manufacture aluminium can balers and have a wide range of used metal balers in stock which can be sold as seen or fully reconditioned and supplied with warranty.


Cable granulators

Our range of Matrix Cable granulators shred, separate and recover copper and aluminium from domestic and industrial insulated wires and cables. They can also handle car looms with an optional unit that injects powder to dry the grease. There are models able to achieve 99.9% separation of metals from plastics and to deal with all cable thicknesses, thus improving the profitability of your cable recycling process. Whatever the size of your operation, McIntyre has a Matrix cable granulator which will suit.



Cable Strippers

Cable strippers extract the copper wire from cables of various thicknesses. McIntyre supply cable strippers able to work well with cable and wire from 1mm diameter up to cables of 150mm in diameter at speeds of up to 42 metres a minute depending on the cable type. The McIntyre range of cable strippers includes units that can strip heavy-duty cables, including lead covered, armoured and multi-core. All the models are simple to use and work efficiently and economically. Because McIntyre offers a range of wire strippers to suit every size of operation, we are always happy to discuss your needs so if you can’t see what you’re looking for in these pages please give us a call.


Materials Handling

McIntyre supplies a wide range of material handling grabs from leading manufacturers. These include our own McIntyre range which has been designed specifically for the scrap metals industry so that you can deal with exceptionally large loads, efficiently and economically.

Container boxes are a challenge to load efficiently. The A-Ward range of container handlers allow significantly more material to be shipped per container thereby reducing transportation costs. The amazing MiSlide horizontal loading system can load containers in 2 to 4 minutes while still mounted to the trailer.


Metal Analysers

Be ahead of your competitors – use a metal analyser to sort your material. As the sole distributor of metal analysers from Oxford Instruments to the scrap metal industry, we know that the X-MET8000 (an X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyser) is intuitive in even the most demanding scrap metal applications. It is a light, hand held analyser which works at the press of a trigger, minimising downtime, maximising productivity and earning you more money from your scrap metal. Whilst the X-MET8000 is the ultimate in accuracy, the mPulse analyser uses Laser Induced Breakdown Spectrometry (LIBS) so it is extremely safe to use. There is no need for operator certification or licencing and no expensive detector to damage, all of which are advantages over X-ray equipment on the market. Operators can point and shoot the hand held laser, and even test samples held in the hand. The mPulse will analyse a range of metals accurately and in seconds, including turnings and granules.



Shredders deal with a wide variety of waste materials including ferrous metal, aluminium, cables, plastic, wood, paper and computer hard drives. JMC McIntyre supplies scrap shredders for every type of application, whether it’s in your factory, laboratory or outside in your yard.
Ensure the complete destruction of computer hard drives with a twin-shaft Wagner shredder, sort out your large scale metal waste with a shredder from Bano or opt for a mobile shredder from ZB Thor.



Aluminium Recovery

The process of recovering the aluminium from scrap vehicles begins with an engine crusher from JMC McIntyre. The JMC McIntyre Engine Crusher can break between 3 and 5 tonnes every hour – that’s up to 30 engines – enabling the different components to be separated ready for the next stages of recovery and recycling. Although the crushing force is 120 tonnes, the machine is remarkably compact. Operated by electricity or diesel, the JMC Engine Crusher is also adept at handling electric motors and alloy wheels.



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