JMJ Woodworking Machinery Ltd


We are a woodworking machinery supplier who have a range of new and used woodworking machines ready to be delivered throughout the UK. Our agencies include SCM Woodworking and Minimax machinery products, and we also provide Sedgewick equipment.


As a woodworking machinery supplier we offer you a choice of brand new or second hand machines, tooling and dust extraction machines. We also have a range of woodworking accessories and spares and are always happy to help you with your existing equipment.


Our used and new equipment for sale includes bandsaws, resaws, thicknessers, wallsaws, panelsaws, crosscuts, drills, presses, and ripsaws. Our manufacturers include Wadkin, Startrite, Scheppach, Omec, Volpato, and Casadei Industria.

New Woodworking Equipment

We are UK importers of new woodworking equipment and supply Omec Dovetailing machines and Omec Crosscuts. We also provide a selection of Omec tooling and spare parts.

Our new woodworking equipments also includes imports like edgebanners from Casadei Industria and glue pot edgebanners and tape edgebanding machines. We also offer Volpato profile sanders, edge sanders, and supply Morso guillotines.

We also have Putsch Meniconi verticle panelsaws and wallsaws.

Used Woodworking Machinery

A huge number of our used woodworking machinery comes from many different manufacturers including Wadkin, Startrite, Dominion, SCM, Wilson, and Sedgwick.

SCM Woodworking Machines

Our SCM woodworking machines and equipment including the Minimax range, Centauro bandsaws, and Stromab crosscuts as well as The L’invicible woodworking machines.

Our other SCM woodworking machines available are JMJ and SCM’s through feed sanding machines, borers, and edgebanders are also carried in stock. They also act as SCM agents for the more specialist window lines, CNC routers and moulders.

Sedgwick Woodworking Machines

The full range of these British-made Sedgewick woodworking machines are held in stock and on display in JMJ’s extensive showrooms.

Sedgewick woodworking machines include their morticers, tenoners, planer thicknessers, saw benches and spindle moulders.

Casadei Industria Edgebanders

JMJ import the Italian Casadei Industria edgebanders. They include pre-glued tape machines and glue pot edgebanders suitable for all production levels.

Cassadei Industria edgebanders also offer corner rounders. The edgebanders are available for demonstration purposes.

Putsch Meniconi Vertical Panelsaws

A superb range of Putsch Meniconi Vertical Panelsaws and wallsaws are available in various sizes and with many different specifications.

Our Putsch Meniconi Vertical Panelsaws include full back up service that includes delivery and installation.  The baby of the range is a proper machine only smaller for those with restricted space.

Volpato Sanding Machines

The Volpato sanding machines are carried in stock and include several different configurations.

Volpato sanding machines and belt sanders can sand profiles and specialist draw sanders.

Omec Dovetailers

JMJ have just become the sole UK importer for the Omec range of woodworking machines including Omec dovetails.

Omec are best known for the dovertailers to cover all production levels. They are held in stock in JMJ’s huge showrooms. However, Omec also produce corner locking machines and crosscuts which JMJ are also promoting.

Kregg Pocket Hole Drilling Machines

JMJ specialise in providing information and assistance on this range of woodworking equipment like Kregg Pocket Hole Drilling Machines.

The full range, including Kregg Pocket Hole Drilling Machines, is available from stock and can be demonstrated in our showhouse.

Hoffmann Notching Machines and Morso Guillotines

JMJ directly import the Morso guillotine range from the Danish manufacturer and also supply the more complex Hoffman series.  They include the manual and semi-automatic mitre guillotines.

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