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At JMS Plant Hire, we are a dynamic plant hire company dedicated to the ventilation and heating industry. We provide affordable scissor lift rental rates through out the South East of England.

We provide scissor lift rental as well as a wide range of access platforms and booms. 

Scissor Lift Hire

We provide scissor lift hire from one unit or 30. We can provide you with scissor lift hire from a pop-up with 1.6 platforms to a scissor lift over 50ft, all at competitive prices.  

Pipe Threading

We provide durable pipe threading machines to pipe fitters wherever they may need them. Our unrivaled pipe threading machines feature pipe cutters and de-burring tools, as well as the thread cutting oils so they will not run out during a job.

Rehau Rautool Axial Press Machines

We hire Rehau Rautool axial press machines at prices to suit your individual budgets. We supply the Rehau Rautool axial press machines complete with tooling for a range of applications.  

Pressfit Tools Available for all Profiles

We have a comprehensive range of pressfit tools available for all profiles in copper, carbon steel and stainless steel. 

We supply pressfit tools available for all profiles including: 

  • REMS
  • Geberit Mepla
  • Novopress
  • Uponor
  • Sanha
  • IBP
  • X-Press
  • Mapress
  • Comap Sudo
  • Henco

Cembre Battery Hydraulic Crimper

Our fantastic Cembre battery hydraulic crimper is one of the leading crimpers available. We hire the Cembre battery hydraulic crimper at affordable prices to suit your budget.

Kamco CF90 Power Flush

The Kamco CF90 Power Flush has a 40-litre tank, suitable for hot and cold flushing. Its large wheels make it suitable for use almost anywhere. We hire the Kamco CF90 power flush to clean up to 40 rads at competitive prices.

REMS Akku Ros P40 Cutter

Our REMS Akku Ros P40 cutter cuts pipe made from PVC, PP and PE up to 40mm thick. The unrivaled REMS Akku Ros P40 cutter can cut up to 200 cuts from a single charge.

Safe Brace Carriers

Our safe brace carriers carry up to 10 braces, ensuring you have complete control while transporting any make or length. We supply safe brace carriers manufactured from lightweight and strong plastic. 

Tubela Hydraulic Benders

We supply tubela hydraulic benders will bend pipe in 28, 35, 42 and 54mm. Our tubela hydraulic benders are designed up to 120 degree angles in copper, low carbon steel and stainless pressfit.


Novopress / Rems Testing Equipment

We specialise in the use of comprehensive novopress / rems testing equipment. Our fantastic novopress / rems testing equipment is used in house to calibrate each and every machine before it is hired out.

Collapsible Mobile Pipe Rack

We supply high quality collapsible mobile pipe rack to enable you to organise and store conduit, bracketry and pipes up to 400kg. Our collapsible mobile pipe rack is easy to move and is available in a powder coated or galvanised finish.



Redband Power Tower Access Hire

We provide redband power tower access hire for hard to get to areas as they are compact and lightweight. Our redband power tower access hire is cost effective and provides you with an easy to use system, with auto-locking breaking wheels for safety.


Lincoln Electric Fume Extraction

Our Lincoln electric fume extraction system is a self-cleaning system that catches welding fumes inside a long-life filter. We hire the high quality Lincoln electric fume extraction system for safe welding jobs. Its large filter has a filter maintenance indicator, extra cost surface treatment and 3D pleating.  

Podium Towers / Steps

We hire out podium tower / steps including the MK I and the MK II. We specialise in podium towers / steps and can assist you with choosing the equipment to suit your requirements.

Electrofusion / Butt and Socket Fusion Equipment

We hire out a comprehensive range of electrofusion / butt and socket fusion equipment.

Our electrofusion / butt and socket fusion equipment is suitable for:

  • Geberit
  • George Fischer
  • Aquatherm
  • Vulcatherm
  • Polypipe / Terrain

Genie SLA / Sumner 2000 Material Lifts

We have a fantastic assortment of genie SLA / sumner 2000 material lifts for hire to suit a variety of requirements. Our genie SLA / sumner 2000 material lifts are available for next day delivery and include fork extension, pipe cradles and jib booms.


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