JMS Transformers Ltd


Here at JMS, we manufacturer and design specialist transformers with any input and output voltages, currents, taps and number of separate windings. Our bespoke transformers are produced with a quick turnaround. This provides advantages in breakdown situations. If we have not got a stock transformer to do the job, bespoke transformers can be rushed through even quicker.


We provide a fantastic selection of transformers including 3 phase and single phase electrical transformers. We provide instant quotations at prices you will find hard to beat. We will incorporate any fixture or fitting including fuses, mcbs, mccbs, rcds, isolators, enclosures, plugs, sockets, and enclosures.

Single Phase Transformers

We design and manufacture single phase transformers to meet all your requirements, no matter how unusual. We manufacture single phase transformers for all industries from toy manufacturers to nuclear power stations.

With over 25 years of experience, we will cater for all of your transformer needs including:

  • Custom Built Transformers
  • Panel Transformers
  • Encapsulated Transformers
  • Budget Priced Transformers

3 Phase Transformers

We manufacture 3 phase transformers, double wound 250kva with primary taps of +/-5% & +/- 10%. We currently produce 3 phase transformers from 50VA up to 2MVA.

Panel Transformers

Our panel transformers are manufactured in days, not weeks.

We are manufacturers of standard or non standard:

  • Single phase transformers 1va to 500 kva with ac or dc outputs
  • Three phase transformers from 50va to 2 mva with ac or dc outputs
  • Single phase to three phase converters
  • UPS systems
  • Panel transformers
  • Toroids
  • Frequency converters
  • 110v site equipment 

Halogen Flood Lights - Site Transformers

Our portable halogen flood lights available with 100w, 300w and 500w bulbs, 240v and 110v bulbs. We supply tool site transformers with any arrangement of sockets available from 500va up to 6.3kva.

DC Transformers

Our DC transformers outputs are achieved from 3ph inputs as well a from single phase. Three phase inputs produce much smoother DC transformers and higher currents. Any DC voltage can be supplied on request.


We manufacture any size choke whether single or 3 phase to order. Using inductance testers, we will achieve the exact value you need.

We have a full range of mains line filters are available. Our impressive range covers single and 3 phase up to 150 Amps. These filters are available open and enclosed.


We provide a complete rewind service. This often takes a little longer to turn around than a new transformer and is usually more expensive. However if the voltages or VA ratings are unknown, or the transformer is needed to be a critical size, then a rewind might be the only option.


We provide an excellent selection of enclosures in a variety of different sizes and colours.

Our enclosures include:

  • WallBox Enclosures
  • Floorbox Enclosures
  • Low Voltage Box
  • Portable Box 

JMS Online Shop

Our JMS online shop provides a standard shelf product range as well as a bespoke made to order service. Most orders from our JMS online shop are fulfilled within 3-5 days from order. 

110v Site Equipment

We aim to supply all of your 110v site equipment needs.

We manufacture 110v site equipment including:

  • 110v portable tool transformer
  • 110v site distribution
  • 110v lighting
  • Extension leads
  • 110v accessories

Routing and Engraving

We are leaders among the manufacturers of routing and engraving solutions including CNC routers, CNC processing centres and 3D engraving machines. Our routing and engraving machines are used to mill, engrave, drill and cut out in various materials including metal, plastic, woods, and colour furniture.


We manufacture toroids any specification from 10va up to 1kva. We carry an impressive stock for same day dispatched on a next day service. With short manufacturing times, we can dispatch any non standard custom toroid.

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