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We supply chain link fencing, an ideal solution for outlining boundary lines on your property. Our products combine angled iron posts for tennis court surrounds, car parks, and playgrounds.

Our chain link fencing is supplied with heights between 0.900m and 3.600m. We also manufacture in both square and circular hollow sections.

Chain Link Gates

We supply single or paired chain link gates. They are manufactured to your individual specification.

We also manufacture both square and circular hollow section chain link gates with heights between 0.900m and 3.600m.

Site Hoarding Gates

Please contact us today for information on our site hoarding gates. These products are generally manufactured for 2.400m or 3.000m high fencing around building sites.

Our site hoarding gates are manufactured as singles or pairs to your specification. The square hollow section construction is popular for this vital type of fencing.

Barrier Gates

Our barrier gates are manufactured from mild steel with a slide latch for padlock attachment.

We offer barrier gates to meet your designs and sizing specifications. We have optional extras including adjustable eyes for easy installation, security boxes, latch boxes and padlock coverings. Please contact us for more details.

Standard Steel Gates

Our standard steel gates complement our fencing options. They are built for strength and durability.

Our steel gates are made from tough angle frames and included square hollow section and circular hollow section frames.

Security Doors

Contact us today about our security doors. They are manufactured from either mild steel angle, or mild steel hollow section Our frames are covered with mild steel sheets.

Our security doors can be supplied with a push bar panic latch for easy access from a building.

Internal and External Security Gates

In designs and sizing to meet your individual specifications, our internal and external security gates are manufactured to protect your needs.

Design elements of our security gates include:

  • Mild Steel Solid Bar Construction
  • Mild Steel Hollow Section
  • Fitted with Hasp and Staple for Padlocks

Oil and Diesel Tank Fencing

To protect your resources, we design and manufacture area fencing solutions for oil and diesel tanks. These solutions are made from mild steel angle or mild steel hollow section framework. They are covered with galvanised 50mm x 50mm x 3mm Weldmesh, and may include a security access gate.

Please contact us today for ideal fencing structures for added concealment and security of your oil and diesel tanks.

Universal Beams and Columns

We supply a wide range of universal beams and columns. Designed to meet your individual specifications, these products are manufactured to order, ensuring the perfect fit for your project.

Please contact us directly for more information related to our universal beams and columns.

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