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We supply the latest gaming machines and equipment. In addition to the machines themselves, we offer a collection service for pubs and clubs. Our skilled engineers utilise the latest machine testing equipment and are able to attend to your needs on site.

We have knowledge of the gaming machine industry and have a strong client base encompassing all aspects of the amusement machine industry.

Machine Replacement

The maximization of your income is our top priority. If your machines underperform or decline, we will try to replace them
machines changes will take place in the event of income decline. We feel this policy contributes towards greater income and reliability.

Through our income monitoring, if we find that income declines during two consecutive periods, a machine change is immediately initiated.

Gaming Machine Repairs

For gaming machine repairs, we provide prompt service and employ the latest technology available to ensure that downtime is minimised. Our engineers are provided with service vehicles equipped with the latest testing and mobile technology. In the event of a serious machine repairs, the machines are brought back to our workshop where the problem can be rectified without inconvenience to the site.

Gaming Machine Security

For gaming machine security, our collections are made on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Meter readings are entered in separate site books for additional security, and we also operate unannounced machine security checks on site.

All machines are fitted with meters and locks to minimize any possibility of unauthorised access. For added gaming machine security, any discrepancies is investigated and acted upon appropriately.

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