John Scott Precision


JSP is a Coventry based precision engineering company. The business was started 25 years ago by John Scott, and engineer with extensive experience in the machine tool sector. JSP has invested heavily in modern machinery, and specializes in the production of small batch, close tolerance component work.JSP's experience and processes make it particularly suited to the production of jigs, fixtures and multi heads, specialist prototype work, as well as complex sub assemblies.

JSP Work

Manufacturing components for machine tools

Recent work has involved the machining of complete draw bars, spindles and tool holders for high value specialist machine tool manufacturers. The processes include deep-hole drilling, gear cutting, slotting, heat treatment & surface treatments.

Components for high value machine tools

JSP has a wealth of experience in manufacturing components for high value specialist machine tools. A number of leading brand machine tool manufacturers are increasingly turning to JSP to undertake specialist work which is not cost effective for them to complete in-house. When you consider the number of processes involved in producing certain low volume specialist items, it is understandable manufacturers have turned to JSP, where production can be geared to low volume high value items perhaps only required on an irregular basis.

Building sub-assemblies

Over the years JSP has developed a real skill in producing complex sub assemblies for "bolt on' to high value machinery. Clients appreciate JSP's ability to take complete responsibility for delivery of the final assembly, ready for installation. The process usually involves taking complete supply chain responsibility including the procurement, production, final assembly and testing.


JSP is often asked to undertake prototyping work, and will collaborate closely with the client's design team in order to find the optimium solution. JSP is very familar with the prototyping process and will advise the client throughout all the development stages on the best materials and processes, and the design modifications necessary to facilitate really cost effective production methods.


Most of JSP machine tools have been designed to produce complex shapes in low volume quickly. JSP has developed its own production control software, specially tailored for small volume production and building complex assemblies. The production control system perfectly complements its rigorous quality control system. The software took 2 years to develop, and is now a major asset of the business, enabling jobs to be progress tracked quickly and efficiently. Jobs can be tracked on a hourlt basis if needed. These easy -retrieval capabilities enable JSP to respond quickly & knowledgably to customer's repeat orders and enquires.

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