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Since its founding in1961, the Jokisch GmbH has become the top address for chemical technical products and their application in the metal-working industry. This success is not without reason: Our products are the result of intense development and constant research.

More than 12.000 customers in more than 30 countries place their trust in the brand Jokisch, precisely because individual and constantly increasing demand can only be satisfied by quality of Jokisch.

As service-oriented enterprise, we jointly choose with each customer the product which suits best to his application purpose. We are a competent partner who responds to individual customer requirements, e.g. extraordinary packaging of 60 ml/g to 1000 l/kg, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

Only with our special products it became possible to work difficult materials. Multiple working possibilities as well as diverse materials demand special products adapted to the relative working process. Beside water-miscible cooling lubricants, we have established an excellent reputation for developing non water-miscible cooling lubricants. Apart from these products, Jokisch supplies you with silicone-free release agents for welding as well as cutting oils for special purposes. Matching accessories complete our portfolio for your metal-working.

Jokisch products also possess an outstanding biostability which enables to forego toxic preservatives in favour of humane working conditions. The longer durability and the reduced consumption are hence both economic and ecological advantages which decrease costs and contribute to environmental protection.

Jokisch stands for: ¿ first class quality, made in Germany ¿ sustainable use of resources and care regarding the environment ¿ partnership with trade partners ¿ fair market related competition ¿ customer specific technical services

Jokisch is investing in: ¿ our people ¿ global partnerships ¿ research and development ¿ product portfolio (portfolio care and adaptions) ¿ the brand

Jokisch GmbH is active board member of the association Schmierstoff-Industrie e.V. (VSI). The association Schmierstoff-Industrie e.V. (VSI) is a fusion of all significant producers of automotive and industrial lubricants in Germany.

Our products: barrier cream, brake cleaning spray, cooling lubricants, cutting oils, cutting oil sprays, drilling oils, filling of lubricants, lapping abrasives, lubricants for metal working, private label chemical products, release agents for welding, special lubricants for minimal quantity cooling lubricant systems, thread cutting oil

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