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Here at Jones and Wilson, we provide a comprehensive range of safety guards for power press guards from 3 tons to 1,000 tons. We supply the more traditional Udal type interlock guards and also vertical screen guards. Either can be pneumatically operated if desired. Together with Auto-Push away guards, the press guards are usually fitted to larger slower stroking presses such as the automotive industry. In addition, we provide noise attenuating power press guards.

CNC Machining

We provide an array of solutions for CNC machining. We manufacture CNC machining total enclosure guards, providing operator access, component access and swarf removal facility all interlocked.
CNC Machining

Lathe Machine Guarding Solutions

We provide a comprehensive range of lathe machine guarding solutions designed for most sizes and types of lathes. Our lathe machine guarding solutions are suitable for both small centre lathes and larger lathes.

Smaller centre lathes include:
  • Fabricated steel chuck safety guards 
  • High impact strength polycarbonate screens 
  • Stainless steel mounting arms 
  • Integrated microswitches
Larger lathes include:
  • Sliding fabricated steel protection screens
  • High impact strength polycarbonate windows 
  • High rigidity headstock mounted frames
  • Integrated microswitches
  • Options for integrated adjustable coolant deflector
Lathe Machine Guarding Solutions

Milling Machine Guards

We supply an assortment of milling machine guards suitable for most types and sizes of vertical, horizontal and universal milling machines. We provide milling machine guards for both cutter machines and table machines.   Cutter machine safety guards include:
  • Hinged and interlocked cutter guards 
  • Protection screens up to 600m dia
  • Rigid adjustable interlocked arms
  • Stainless steel brackets

Table machine safety guards include:

  • Fabricated steel table guards
  • Hinged interlocked loading doors
  • High impact strength vision panels
  • Adjustable height polycarbonate screens to three sides
Milling Machine Guards

Drilling Machine Guarding

We provide a dynamic and innovative range of side hinged drilling machine guards with four designs of mounting bracket incorporating integrated microswitches. The mounting brackets are designed to fit to the side of the drilling machine head. A stainless steel rod passes through the mounting bracket and is height adjustable.   Our drilling machine guards are available in different sizes of high impact strength transparent polycarbonate protections fit onto the stainless steel rod.  This allows clear vision during drilling and hinges to the side for easy and safe access to the drill and drill chuck.
Drilling Machine Guarding

Acoustic Enclosures

We are the UKs leading manufacturer of acoustic enclosures for the industry. We use CAD drawings to produce acoustic enclosures and feed to the machines to develop the sheet steel folded panels. A range of panel thickness is produced using acoustic mesh to achieve the required decibel reduction. In some cases, alternative foam based acoustic material is used.

In addition to using the latest design and development we provide attenuated air intakes, powered doors, hinged and sliding doors, as well as electric lights and fans. 

Acoustic Enclosures

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