Jongerius International Ltd


Jongerius International Ltd is a manufacturer of slicing and food packaging machinery for the bakery industry: High speed bandslicers with variable slice thickness, food packaging machines, baggers, closing machines, slicer blades and loaf splitting machines and bakery equipment.   We supply major bakeries in the UK and world wide, Export and Nationwide.

Wicket bags and band slicers

Wicket Bags
Wicket bags are the bags used for hundreds of millions of loaves of bread each day

Sabre, Scimitar, Vario
With motorised variable slice thickness from a Touch screen.

Wicket bags and band slicers

Packaging and closing machines

Packaging Machines
Speedbag, Bag Fast, Bag Robot
High speed Poly bagmaker and bagloader.

Closing machines
Clipmatic 60, Clipmatic 35, Mini-Clipmatic.
Tighter bag closing even with irregular products.

Packaging and closing machines

Loaf splitters and Bandslicer blades

Loaf Splitters
Splitter turner, 3&6 part splitter, plough and many others.

Bandslicer Blades
Many profiles available.

Loaf splitters and Bandslicer blades
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