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Supply New & Used Sheet Metal, Fabricating and Metal Cutting Machinery.

We place a strong emphasis on being able to offer metal working equipment with, ongoing technical support, service and operator machine function training.
Press Brakes, Press Brake Tooling, Metal Cutting Guillotines, Press, Plasma & Laser Cutting Systems CNC Punching & Laser Cutting Systems, Corner Notching , Universal Steelworkers, 2,3,4 Roll Plate Rolls, Section Rolls, Sheet Metal rolls, Rolls to Slip, Hydraulic Press, , Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaws. Horizontal Metal Cutting Bandsaw Blades, Cut to Length Drill & Saw Lines, Plasma & Tig Automated Welding Systems, Welding Rotators, Table Manipulators, Sub Merged Arc, Welding Column & Booms, Welding Tractors, Trimming, Joggling & Toggle Machinery, Pressure Testing Systems. Technical Support, Service & Repair.
  • Hydraulic Press Brakes : Synchro, Torsion Bar, Manual NC, CNC.
  • Press Brake Tooling : New or Replacement Quality Italian Tooling, Standard or Special.
  • Metal cutting Guillotines : Swing Beam, Vertical Cut, Heavy Duty Fabrication or Sheet Metal
  • Plate Rolling : 2, 3, & 4 Roll Machines –Thickness 1mm up to 200 mm
  • Sheet Metal Rolling : Hand rolls, Powered Rolls.
  • Section Rolling : Machines 30mm to 350mm Shaft Dia, Manual or CNC, Material Handling
  • Hydraulic Press : Gantry, Open Fronted, Double Column, High Speed Forming
  • Horizontal Bandsaws : Manual, Semi Auto, Automatic, capacities upto 510mm rounds
  • Cut to Length Drill and Saw Lines : Affordable machines for the smaller structural fabricator
  • Plasma Cutting Systems : Simple Duct work, upto 25mm Capacity Gantry Machines
  • Laser Cutting Systems : 1000 / 2000 / 4000 Watts, 1500 x 300 Sheet size
  • CNC Punching : 37 Tonne Capacity Punch, Gantry Loading / Transfer Systems
  • CNC Tube Bending : Latest drive technology - brushless motors and servo-drives. Capacity range 35mm to 90mm dia tube, upto 12 axis of bend
  • Tube Grinding & Polishing : Automated systems for grinding & polishing tubular products,Up to 300mm dia
  • Trimming, Joggling or Flanging : Equipment for Bespoke manufacturing requirements.
  • Welding & Positional Equipment : Automated Welding Systems, table manipulators,
  • tank / vessel rotators
  • Corner Notching : Hydraulic Fixed Angle, Variable Angle
  • Universal Steelworkers : Hydraulic 45 to 180 Tonne capacity
  • Technical Support, Service & Repair – Breakdown Repair, Annual Service Contracts,Machinery moves, etc
New machinery is sourced from Italy, Portugal, Turkey and China.
We have chosen our supply partners carefully, choosing well established manufacturers to ensure that Jackson Production Services Ltd can offer long term access to replacement parts and the ongoing manufacturer’s technical support.
Our technical support and service team are available to offer installation, commissioning, machine function training,  all machinery supplied.
Our technical support and service team are also available to assist you with a emergency  machine breakdown, ongoing service, annual service contracts, spare parts, operator training, machine re location etc,  any Fabricating and Metal Cutting Machinery Machine Tool, supplied by Jackson Production Services Ltd,  or not.
For more information please visit our website at, or contact our sales team by e mail on or by telephoning + 44 (0)113 2363366, or faxing on + 44 (0)113 2363339

Press Brakes Hydraulic Synchro, Torsion Bar, Manual NC, CNC.

We are UK agents for 3 leading Press Brake manufacturing companies.

We offer choices of, manual,  NC or CNC operation.  Press Brake, tonnages range from 30 tonne up to 1200 tonne.   Bending lengths up to 12000mm [Tandem Machines]. Options of operator guarding are, Infra Red, Laser or Camera.  Control systems by Cybelec, Delem, ESA, Elgo,  Advancetech.   Ancillary functions available are,  deflection tables,  powered lift front material support tables, angle measure systems, Robot loading / unloading.

Press Brake Tooling New or Replacement

Technical information and support

Gooseneck punches, 'T' tool Vee’s, multi Vee’s, single Vee’s, tool holders for plastic Vee inserts for reduced marking, over bending punches and vee dies, safe edge bending tooling, ie hemmings dies dutch bending, special bespoke tooling,  intermediary clamps, etc, etc.

Metal Cutting Guillotines Swing Beam, Vertical Cut, Heavy Duty

We are UK agents for 3 steel cutting guillotine manufacturing companies, we can offer a wide range of selection. 

When choosing a metal cutting guillotine, steel cutting shear, there are a several factors that may influence your selection such as, model type, swing beam guillotine, or vertical action guillotine, hydraulic or mechanical guillotine. 

2,3,4 Plate Bending Rolls

3 or 4 roll Hydraulic rolling machines for plate rolling of cylinders, tanks, pressure vessels, wind towers etc, we can offer a machine to suit all applications. Manual control,  consul joystick operation or CNC control systems, material handling systems, ie loading tables, central supports etc

Sheet Metal Rolls

2 or 3 Roll Machines, Manual or Powered rolls for sheet metal applications up to 3mm thick, or lighter fabrication rolls up to 8mm thick, cylinders, tanks, pressure vessels etc, 3, roll machines to suit all applications – 2 Roll machines for special applications.

Section Rolls Hydraulic

Hydraulic section rolling machinery, capacities from 30mm shaft machines, upto 360mm shaft machines, manual operation or CNC control systems, material handling systems etc

Hydraulic Press - Gantry, Open Fronted, Double Column. High Speed Forming

Hydraulic Press equipment from one Europe’s leading hydraulic press manufactures.  High speed presses for press work, special purpose presses for forming of any material, gantry presses for material straightening, garage style presses for general workshop usage.

Horizontal Bandsaws - Manual, Semi Auto, Automatic

A wide range of metal cutting horizontal bandsawing equipment, for fabricating or precision engineering use. Manual, Semi Automatic, Automatic.

Models range from simple manual pull down horizontal bandsaws to fully automatic CNC controlled straight or swivel bow mitre cutting bandsaws.

Cut to Length Drill and Saw Lines

Drill & cut to length line equipment, for structural fabricators.

Machinery designed to meet with the medium sized structural fabricators requirements,a capacity specification to achieve affordability for automatic drilling and cutting of structural sections.

Plasma Cutting Systems, Flat Bed & Gantry CNC Controlled

Gantry machines for cutting plates of carbon steel or stainless steel, extraction bed of a modular design, widths and lengths as required.    Latest plasma cutting systems, CNC controls, shape libraries, etc

Laser Cutting Systems

The Model SeriesFPL TECNOLASER 1000 / 2000 / 4000 Wattscan be a stand alone unit, loaded and unloaded in a traditional manner, ie the machines operator, alternatively there is the ability to integrate a handling system Tecnocarrier to automatically run the machine 24/7. or to integrated to a manufacturing cell with one of the FPL CNC punching machines.

CNC Punching

If you want a machine from a manufacturer offering the latest FANUC drive technology, high punching power, excellent build quality, excellent service & back up, punching & nibbling machines that offer more than just punched holes, then the range of FPL Technology machines might be your answer. Punching force of 37 tonne, Powered by JETCAM software

CNC Tube Bending

Latest drive technology - brushless motors and servo-drives. Capacity range 35mm to 90mm dia tube, upto 12 axis of bend, latest CNC graphical system.

Tube Grinding & Polishing

Automated systems for grinding & polishing tubular products, Up to 300mm dia

Trimming, Joggling, Beading, Flanging, Pressure Testing

Bespoke machinery for finishing of pressed, formed or rolled components, such as trimming of pressed parts, joggling of tubular products to produce a reduced diameter, flanging to create a fixing

Face,  Beading around circular products, Water and Air Pressure testing of formed and welded sheet metal tanks, bottles and cylinders

Welding & Positional Equipment -, Table Manipulators, Welding Rotators - Sub Merged Arc, Welding Column & Booms, Welding Tractors.

A range of equipment for the steel fabricating industry, assorted welding systems, mig, tig, plasma, cored wire etc, submerged arc, welding systems such as column and booms, seam welding systems, welding tractors, material manipulating machinery, table manipulators, tank / vessel rotators.

Hydraulic Corner Notching

Hydraulic Corner Notching. Fixed angle or Variable angle, capacities upto 250mm x 250mm x 6mm

‘T’ slotted table equipped with : Material hold downs, Material position stops, measure strips

Hydraulic Corner Notching

Hydraulic Universal Steelworkers

Hydraulic Universal Steelworkers, 5 stations for punching, cropping and shearing angles, channel, flats, rounds angle etc. Single user or double user. Options of touch & cut control, feed measure tables etc.

Hydraulic Universal Steelworkers

Emergency Breakdown, Service & Repair, Annual Service Contracts, Technical Support

Emergency breakdown assistance for sheet metalworking, fabrication and welding equipment, or  machine tools, lathes, milling machines, drills, machining centers etc, CNC or manual 

Annual maintenance service contracts offer : Telephone technical support, for software problems or the analysis of a machine fault, preferential response to machine faults, 10% reduction in our hourly charging rate. 

We undertake complete factory moves, or individual metalworking or machine tool equipment re positioning, equipment re commissioned after a move

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