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JR Boone mixers offer the flexibility and future development path for the Processing Industry. Our Mixers are now available in batch sizes from 2L to 25,000L and continuouis up to 250 TPH, they are used to mix a variety of materials on our range of mixers.

The Rotary Drum Blender for detergent, floor screeds, ceramic powders, plastic and rubber compounds, pigments, resins, tea, coffee, spices, salts, vegetables and agglomeration with coating applications.

Horizontal Helical Blade Mixers are used for thick slurry type mixes, heavy pastes, batter mixes, fine powders, plastic powders, fine chemical mixing, cereals prior to extrusion, meat mixes and confectionary.

Horizontal Delta Blade Mixers for cookies, molassed sugar, adding minor liquid additions to powders without agglomeration, breaking down soft agglomerated and cohesive powders when mixing. There is also a mix for products that require additional atrition when being mixed.

Our in-house test facilities based in Cheshire ensures that we continualy develop our mixing and blending applications. The Lab size Rotary Drum Blender is used for small tests. Our test facility is open for customers to use and sample the consistance of our mixing machines in a lab based facility, for further details  please contact us.

For further details on our products and range please go to our website: www.jrboone.com

Horizontal Helical Blade Mixer

The tilting Helical Blade Mixer can be used for sugar paste, delicate fruit cakes & pastry mixes as it is versatile and easy to use. It can be used as a small 50-litre machine or a large 10,000-litre mixing machine. Easy to clean, it can be converted to do continuous mixes. This machine can reduce mixing times, has an efficient discharge, minimum maintenance, the process can be adaptabile and produce either batch or continuous mixes.

The Horizontal Helical Blade Mixer can mix the following products and more

  • dry cell battery powders
  • catering recipes
  • plastic powders and granules
  • fine chemical powder mixing
  • powder soup mixes
  • breakfast cereals
  • powdered drinks
  • thick slurry
  • toiletry preparations
  • resin-based pastes

JR Boone has worked over the yers to develop the spiral mixers based on the standard form to give optimum mixing over the wides range of process applications.

The key benefits of ensuring the Horizontal Helical Blade Mixer is versatile and efficient is that we can produce this machine in various sizes to suit our customers requirements giving them the practicality of a mixing application that works cleverly in their production line.

Horizontal Delta Blade Mixer

The Horizontal Delta Blade Mixer is an adaptation of the conventional plough type mixer. This produces a cleaner agitator configuration, which gives a shorter mixing time and quicker discharge. This helps to reduce the cost of the operation cycle.

The Horizontal Delta Blade Mixer can be used as a 45-litre machine to 9,000-litre machine. It provides:

  • short mixing time
  • mixing with attrition
  • improved mixing eficiency
  • rapid discharge
  • batch or continuous mix
  • low maintenance costs
  • competitively priced

The Delta blade is an innovative development of the conventioal plough type mixer, producing a cleaner agitator configuration, giving short mixing times and quicker discharge thus reducing the cost of the operation cycle.The high agitator speeds radially and axially accelerate the product formulation in a short criss-cross pattern within the mixer shell. JR Boone's many years of experience coupled with scientific testing, to provide reduced mixing times, higher levels of shear and lower power consumption per kg produced.

Rotary Drum Mixer

The  Rotary Drum Blender is a unique, non-shear action blender this is produced by a series of blades fully welded to the inside of the drum blender. These lift and convey the entire mix with each revolution creating a highly fluidised state.

This Rotary Drum Blender can mix a variation of products including: 

  • tea
  • coffee
  • cocoa
  • muesli
  • rice flakes
  • seeds
  • confectionery
  • gelatine
  • salts
  • vegetables
  • spray coating

Industrial Mixer Service

We provide a host of mixer equipment services to help protect or enhance your investments. We want to help ensure the performance of your mixers and help you avoid down time from equipment failure. 

Our mixer services include:

  • refurbishment
  • maintenance
  • mixer hire
  • free mixer tests
Industrial Mixer Service

Horizontal Paddle Blade Mixer

JR Boone's Horizontal Paddle Blade Mixer, this machine ranges form a 50 litre machine to a 10,000 litre mixing machine.

It reduced mixing times, gives a diverse mixing application, with a efficient discharge system.

The types of produce the Horizontal Paddle Blade Mixes:-

  • catering recipes
  • cereals
  • thick slurry mixing
  • pastes
  • dry concrete pre-mix
  • cereamics
  • landfil materials
  • powder and oil mix

This machine has a polished finish (Dull to mirror), refiners, ATEX spec if required, slide valve, flush plug valve, bomb door outlet, rotating trough, wear resistant mixing tools, heating/cooling systems, dry powder feed inlets, solids feed inlets, liquid additions system, full control panel, variable speed control, HMI control and load cell system if required, depending on the customers requirements and product mix.

For more details please contact JR Boone ltd for further details and test this machine in our fully functional test facility based in Cheshire

Horizontal Paddle Blade Mixer
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