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We provide the highest quality in custom made external column casings. They provide unrivalled protection for structural elements and are easy on the eye.

Our external column casings are usually built from mild steel or aluminium and then powder coated to customers’ requested colour. We also supply in stainless steel. The maximum length of each section is usually three metres and a range of thicknesses are available.

Internal Column Casings

Our aesthetically pleasing and durable internal column casings are manufactured to the highest standards using preformed ply, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, or GRG depending on the required application.

A range of finishes are available for our internal column casings, from paint grade ply to high pressure laminates or quality wood veneers. Steel and aluminium casings can be powder coated to customers’ requirements.

LST Guards

In order to settle concerns regarding maintaining cleanliness, we have developed a new LST guard within our range of radiator guards with a secure but easily removable front panel.  This ensures trouble free access for cleaning and maintenance.

As well as its cleanliness enhancing features, this new LST guard is still manufactured to the same high standards as our other radiator guards.

Hygienic Enclosures

We have a range of hygienic enclosures suitable for maximising cleanliness and safety. Our hygienic enclosures come with lockable rectangular access panels so that services can still be reached.

Legislation demands that food preparation areas are hygienic and easy to clean and our hygienic enclosures ensure this requirement is fully adhered to.

Perimeter Casings

As well as being used for column casings, pre formed plywood is often used for perimeter casings, bulkheads and window sill details.

Panelling and pre-formed ply profiles are combined to produce very attractive vented perimeter casings. A high quality polished finish enhances and protects the installation.

Pre-Formed Profiles

Our wide selection of options in pre-formed profiles/plywood has many uses in a project. It is often used for perimeter casings, as well as column casings, bulkheads, window sill details, lighting pelmets, furniture and for pipe boxing.

These pre-formed profiles are available in a wide range of sizes and finishes, from wood veneers to high pressure laminates. We can also offer most of these pre-formed profiles in various metals, such as powder coated mild steel, brushed stainless steel or aluminium.

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