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Innovative Retail Security Solutions Provider....Just Q It Ltd is an innovative Retail Security Solutions provider assisting retailers in protecting products efficiently while offering the consumer the freedom to explore. Our solutions combine the need for maximum security and at the same time the need for flexible and open display. Our innovation is your competitive edge.

With our solution you can reduce theft, and at the same time stimulate sales...the results are proven and spectacular, namely a significant decrease in theft and in most cases a double-digit increase of sales occurs.

Open merchandise – an active sales tool. We are the invisible sales assistant, that provide shoplifting protection while putting fully functional display items into the hands of the customer…nothing motivates a consumer like the “wow” factor of a product feature. So go ahead, let them touch, see and feel. And turn your point of display into point of sale.

The Chain of Security. From a broad range of mechanical security solutions all the way to highly sophisticated display merchandise security solutions. Whether you require security for Mobile phone, MP3 player, iPods, Digital Cameras, Camcorders. DVD, CD player, laptops or computer games…we provide innovative products and exceptional service, and together with you, we make sure we step in at the right level. 


Queue systems

In the Queue Systems section you will find everything that you need for retractable barries. The free standing design utilises a retractable webbing cassette to allow you to easily re-arrange or store the barriers. We offer a range of standard webbing colours but you can easily have your own logo or colour scheme applied to the webbing

Queue systems

Retractable Barriers

Non trip webbing retraction
Metal cap cover to protect webbing retraction cassette
The matching colour cap enables the post to be completely one colour which is more aesthetically pleasing than other barriers
D.D.A. compliant base
Locking belt end to prevent accidental release
High Quality heavy gauge steel post used for extra strength
High Quality woven polyester webbing used to prevent fraying
High Quality powder coated finish making the barrier suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Full circumference rubber floor-protector for maximum protection against floor damage
Delivered Fully Assemble
* Including artwork set-up charge

Retractable Barriers

Rope & Posts

Our chrome rope and posts are designed to be very elegant. The ropes are manufactured in Velour and have chrome clip ends. Rope and posts systems are considered the VIP range and would be ideal on the red carpet or for a function opening

Rope & Posts
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