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We provide instrumentation products to help with indentifying cable fault locations. We provide cable instruments for both high and medium voltage cabling.

  • HV cable instruments - test instruments for the location of faults and diagnostic on high voltage cables (500v < Range < 100Kv)
  • MV cable instruments - test instruments for the location of faults and diagnostic on medium voltage cables (0v < Range < 500v)

Test Instrumentation

As part of our general services, we provide industrial test instrumentation for test and verification purposes. Please visit our website for more information, or call us today.

Our test instrumentation services include: 

  • Current injection
  • HV DC test set
  • HV AC test set
  • General test and customised products
Test Instrumentation

Automation and Control

We supply controllers capable of simple and complex automation and control tasks. Additionally, we have completed turnkey projects to demonstrate our expertise in providing total solutions. We have products for the control of industrial plant and systems ranging from instruments to plant automation.

Our automation and control systems include:

  • PC and standalone systems
  • Controller accessories
Automation and Control

Aviation Products

Using our technology, we have undertaken a number of instrumentation systems for the aviation industry. One of our more successful aviation products includes a system created for the automated collection of flight times for an individual pilot.

Please visit our website, or call us today the learn more about our exciting aviation products.

Aviation Products

Electronic Design Services

In addition to our product range, we also provide electronic design services tailored  to your needs.

Our eletronic, electrical and automation design solutions include:

  • Design of automation of plant and production lines
  • Supply of specialist automation instrumentation and systems
  • Servicing of automation solutions
Electronic Design Services

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