Here at Kaiser and Kraft Ltd, we supply a comprehensive range of industrial equipment.

We offer a wide range of durable and robust industrial equipment including:

  • Barriers and markings
  • Ladders and scaffolding
  • Wheels and castors
  • Packaging and dispatch equipment
  • Hazardous good-handling equipment

Workshop Equipment

We stock a wide range of workshop equipment to make your work easier and more efficient. Our diverse workshop equipment range includes assembly trolleys, fans, floor matting, lamps, welding protection, workshop desks and cable reels.

Office Equipment

Our office equipment is chosen to make everyday office tasks easier and more efficient. If you are looking for office equipment such as desk space savers, document holders, office machines, signage and matting, then look no further. We also stock office furniture including stools, partitions and wardrobes.

Shelving Units

We offer shelving units that are suitable for almost any requirement you may have in your office or warehouse. Our shelving units are sturdy and easy to assemble. We can provide you with archive, bolt-together, modular, panel and heavy duty shelving units.    

Storage Equipment

Our storage equipment includes a range of drums, containers, bins, pallets, boxing and trays. We also supply tilting skips, silo containers and transport boxes. We only stock high-quality storage equipment that is stable and resistant.

Modular Building Systems

We understand that each building has its own individual requirements, and that is why we provide a selection of modular building systems. Our modular building systems include prefab offices, protective fencing steel platforms, storage containers and strip curtains.

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