Kallos Fine Art


Kallos Fine Art is an online art gallery and publisher of a range of affordable and accessible contemporary and historical canvas and paper prints for the home and office environments.

The company represents an exclusive roster of contemporary fine artists and covers a variety of subject matter including landscape, seascape, abstract, optical and geometric, wildlife, pet portraiture, textiles, people, machines and historical genres.

Each collection and subject genre is carefully selected for both its quality and accessibility and is specifically prepared and created for homes and offices with average ceiling heights and room sizes.

Prints are generally available in three configurations:-
1. unmounted, for subsequent DIY or professional mounting and framing
2. fully mounted for subsequent DIY or professional framing
3. fully mounted, framed and ready to hang in your home or office

The unmounted paper prints offered are no larger than A3 DIN and mounted prints no larger than 20"x16" (including size of the mount). Though the canvas prints on offer may be larger than this; they still comply and adhere to sizes appropriate to the average domestic room and office setting.

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