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We specialise in electronic programmers and supply a wide range of programmers including FPGA, Universal, AVR and PIC programmer models.

Included in our vast electronic programmers range, we also supply superior options in microcontrollers and other development and training kits or boards, as well as embedded modules for most applications. CAN, USB, Ethernet, wireless and other PC interfaces are also available.

Programmer Starter Kits

We supply comprehensive options in electronic programmer starter kits. Our range of programmer starter kits includes starter kits and evaluation or development kits for ST7, AVR and PIC microcontrollers, Ethernet, CAN and wireless applications plus FPGA and PLD starter kits.

Sub-categories include:

Programmer Starter Kits

Chips, ICs and Modules

Our vast electronics stock includes impressive options in chips, ICs and modules.

For chips, ICs and modules, products include Atmel microcontrollers, Smart Cards, PIC microcontrollers, CAN, USB, MP3 and ZigBee and Bluetooth wireless modules. Sockets and memory devices are also available.

Chips, ICs and Modules

PC Interface

For PC interface products, we supply comprehensive and state-of-the-art options. Our PC interface products include interfaces to connect your PC to networks, RS232, RS422 and RS485, Internet, Ethernet, Bluetooth and ZigBee wireless, CAN and USB.

PC interface categories we supply from include:

  • CAN interfaces
  • USB interfaces
  • Bluetooth wireless
  • ZigBee wireless networks
PC Interface


For debugging/emulation we stock and supply numerous options in emulators and logic analysers for debugging.

We supply state-of-the-art emulators for AVR and ST PIC microcontrollers, and logic analysers for debugging embedded systems and communication protocols.

For more information on debugging/emulation or any of our other electronic programming products and services, visit our website.


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