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Our 3D data produced by our innovative CAD software can be fed effortlessly through our three seats of Delcam Powermill. We can then generate complex tool paths using latest CAM technology.

This data is fed to our CNC machining mills and lathes. This CNC machining allows us to manufacture your components quickly and efficiently.

We can provide bespoke on-off items or produce a medium level production run. We provide also surface grinding, form grinding and cylindrical grinding.

We also offer spark erosion and wire erosion facilities and a TIG welding service for a range of materials.


Oils and Gas

We offer exceptional service to the oil and gas, petrochemical and power generation industries. From exact specifications, we can manufacture steel and alloyed components. We have invested in new CNC equipment that means we can work to close tolerances.

Our investment in CNC machining has created an extensive capacity and we have gained experiences to help industries like oil and gas. We manufacture products in tricky materials like Hasteloy, Inconel and Duplex. 

Oils and Gas

Mould Press Tools

We specialise in range of mould press tools and services. We can even produce mini tools that weigh under 8 grams. We also offer injection moulding up to 28 grams. Our fully hardened mould press tools can be produced within 7 to 14 days.

We are a competitive company that keeps low overheads, independent cost structuring for tooling and moulding, and uses streamlined systems and processes.

Included with our CAD software is PS Mouldmaker and can create tools easily and quickly for our clients. We manufacture high-quality tooling using innovative design, problem-solving solutions and time compression technology.

Mould Press Tools

Jigs and Fixtures

We produce jigs and fixtures in almost any material and for any job. We work with clients to produce jigs and fixtures in the medical, electronic instruments and automotive industries.

We work closely with our clients from design to completion and ensure that our service meets your needs. We work with local services and provide a range of finishings, including powder coating, electroplating and hardening.

Jigs and Fixtures
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