Kanon Liquid Handling


As providers of comprehensive solutions for liquid handling applications in the process manufacturing industry, our services include the utilisation of tanker loading arm systems. Our tanker loading arm services are extensive and also include varying accessories.

Pipeline Pigging

We provide comprehensive pipeline pigging and full product recovery solutions.

Pipeline pigging systems have been used in the process industry for many years and were originally used as a non-intrusive means of monitoring the internal condition of pipework in the gas and oil industries.

The range includes:

  • 'Tee' style pigging systems
  • Magnetic sphere product recovery systems
Pipeline Pigging

Marine Loading Arm

We provide comprehensive solutions for liquid handling requirements and applications in the manufacturing industry.

Our complete services include the utilisation of marine loading arm systems. These marine loading arm systems transfer liquids and liquefied gases into barges or crude carriers safely.

Marine Loading Arm

Container Filling and Emptying

We provide the most professional and indepth solutions for container filling and emptying. For container filling and emptying, there is a comprehensive range of filling systems available.

They include Gravimetric and Volumetric systems featuring pivoting arm, multi-jointed arm, 'XYZ' axis and articulated arm designs.

Container Filling and Emptying

Fall Restraint Solutions

We are approved suppliers of a variety of fall restraint solutions for a number of differing requirements and applications.

As providers of comprehensive fall restraint solutions, we design, integrate and install the Uniline® Safety Systems range of fall arrest and fall prevention systems.

Fall Restraint Solutions

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