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At Dungs, we serve the heating, process and heat and power industries with many innovative solutions and systems within the UK. For biogas valves, we have a large stock of high quality products for many applications including landfills, sewage gas and sour gas. Our biogas valves have successfully passed the Oktagon’ approval for standard biogas controls.

Biogas Regulators

We have an excellent selection of biogas regulators from our UK base in Warwickshire.

Our biogas regulators are free of non-ferrous materials and have proven reliability controlling dry gas up to 0.1% H2S

Biogas Regulators

Gas Safety Systems

We specialise in gas safety systems and provide complete gas train assembly in accordance to EU Gas Pressure Directive Cat. II. In relation to our gas safety systems, we will work to customer specific added design and assembly. With the global support of our organisation, we can also offer a repair service with our gas safety systems.

Gas Safety Systems

Gas Control Systems

At Dungs, we design gas control systems for a variety of industrial process applications.

We can also include the following single-source solutions for our gas control systems:

  • Project management
  • Engineering
  • Documentation
  • Customs administration
Gas Control Systems

Gas System Design

We offer a high class gas system design service customising our planning to suit your requirements.

 We specialise in gas system design for the following applications:

  • Gas boilers
  • Gas burners
  • Gas engines
  • Gas flares
  • Industrial process control
Gas System Design

Gas Trains

From single valves over complete gas trains to burner management systems, we can offer the complete range of hardware for metering controlling and other applications in the combustion sector.

We offer a complete gas train assembly, and will work closely with you to ensure we meet your requirements.

Gas Trains
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