Kasto Ltd


More than 140000 saws and over 1750 automated Storage/warehouse systems installed globally.

Sawing Machines

Kasto Sawing Machine portfolio consists of Bandsaws, Hacksaws and Circular Saws. We manufacture and supply the very highest performance saws for mass production purposes right down to a more straight forward machine for a small machine shop

Bandsaw Machine

We manufacture fully-automated bandsaws from in a number of ranges. Specially designed and assembled in Germany for sawing solid material, tube and profile. The heavy duty construction ensures optimum cutting performance and blade life.

Hacksaw Machines

Kasto Semi Automatic Hacksaw Machines are useful where metal is cut occasionally and workshop floor space is at a premium. They can alternate between cutting thick and thin walled profiles through the use of a universal hydraulic system.

Circular Saw Machines

Our Circular Sawing Machines are easily programmable with touch screens and the help of rhte KASTO EastyControl. Available as fully automatic, with full enclosures and material clamping devices. Very flexible machines with the highest efficiency when doing serial cuts of profiles, tubes and solids.

Automated Bar Storage

KASTO offers a large variety of storage systems for profiles, beams, bars and tubes. There are a range of systems that will also accomodate sheet metal storage and transport. Systems are tailored according to your architecture requirements.

Bar Storage Systems

KASTO Bar Storage Systems are designed to make the best economic use of your space. Therefore the system will be exactly customised by our expert team to ensure the effective flow of material in production and distribution

Sheet Metal Storage Systems

We offer sheet metal storage systems for the efficient storage of thick and fine plates of all dimensions. All quantities and delivery speeds can be accomodated.

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