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As well as a vast range of standard switches and switch fuses, we also supply differing options for special switches for particular application requirements.

As part of our solar application photovoltaic switches, we supply DC switches for increased awareness and safety. Our DC switches come in grey enclosures with a black handle. The AC switches are in a yellow enclosure with a yellow/red handle, allowing for ease of differentiation.

Photovoltaic Switches

We are specialist manufacturers of photovoltaic switches. These photovoltaic switches are enclosed in polycarbonate and have been specifically designed for use within solar panels.

All switches are rated IP66 and come with or without fuse protection. They will perform in wide range of temperatures and they provide protection against UV light and different chemicals. Switches are available in sizes 16A to 200A.

Fire Rated Switches

Our fire rated switches have been designed to provide you with a continued function in the unfortunate case of a fire.

Each switch will continue to work for three hours in temperature of 200 degrees centigrade - to give you and the fire brigade sufficient time to put the fire out. To see our full range of fire rated switches, visit our website.

Load Break Switches

We supply a variety of load break switches. These load break switches cover everything from 16A to 630A. The switches also come as three pole, three pole and neutral and four pole versions.

They can also be made into six pole and eight pole versions by the use of a parallel kit or into changeover versions using a changeover kit.

Safety Switches

We supply an extensive variety of safety switches applicable to different currents and poles. They are available in a range of enclosure materials.

The three pole is the standard switch for a three-phase electricity supply; four-pole also enables you to switch the neutral; six-pole is used in star-delta applications; and the eight-pole allow for star-delta plus two neutrals. For each of these safety switches, we offer ratings from 16A to 630A.

Switch Fuses

Our extensive products and services also include the sale of a complete range of switch fuses from 20A to 630A in both BS and DIN fuse versions. These switch fuses are available as one pole, two pole, three pole, three pole + neutral and four pole.

There are four advantages of our switch fuses over competitors:

  • Versatility
  • Space saving
  • Technical excellence
  • Safety

Enclosed Switch Fuses

Our unique and comprehensive services and solutions also include the supply of enclosed switch fuses. Our enclosed switch fuses range covers 20A to 630A in both three pole and neutral, and four pole versions.

Each is provided within an IP65 steel enclosure. There is also a choice between BS fused and DIN fused versions. Every unit comes complete with fuses and fuse and terminal shrouds for both incoming and outgoing cables.

Changeover Switches

If you are concerned about power outage and are thinking about a standby generator, our range of changeover switches is the answer. We cover a full range of changeover switches from 16A to 630A and we supply the switch in two pole, three pole and four pole formats.

Available in either polycarbonate or steel enclosures, all of our changeover switches are rated at IP65 and have a centre OFF position ensuring the mains supply and standby supply cannot be connect at the same time.

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