Kaymet Company (UK) Ltd

Kaymet UK is the pre-eminent UK Trolley Manufacturer and Tray Manufacturer. All items are made in their factory in London. Kaymet produces high quality:
  • Trolleys
  • Tea Trolleys
  • Serving Trolleys
  • Catering Trolley
  • Table Hot plates
  • hotplates
  • hot cabinet trolleys
  • electrically heated trolley
  • Rubber Grip Tray
  • Rubber Grips
  • Trays
  • anodised trays
  • Bed Trays
  • non-slip Trays
  • Sheet Metal Workers
  • catering equipment
and its products are distributed world-wide through hospitality, china and glass departments, speciality stores, design-led gift, kitchen and cook shops and catering equipment suppliers.

The Kaymet Rubber Grip Tray is a recent addition. A series of round Rubber Grips render the surface non-slip and form an attractive pattern to enhance the overall appearance of the tray.

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