KB Roller Tech Kopierwalzen GmbH


KB RollerTech is focused on development and production of key precision components for image transfer and image fusing in toner-based digital printing systems.

Precision Components

The major materials we process are solid silicones (LSR, HTV), silicone sponges, PFA, PTFE, Sol-Gel coatings, and fluoro-elastomers.

Printer Design

KB RollerTech is a worldwide strategic development partner for the digital printing industry. Our presence in the US, Europe, and Asia positions us to provide first class customer support. We develop custom solutions for the unique requirements of your printer design. Our development team in Bergheim, near Cologne, works on innovative solutions securing our reputation as a preferred partner and a trusted OEM supplier.


Continuous improvement is key to our success. To maintain world-class quality and competitive processes, we implemented the “kaizen” philosophy right on the shop floor. KB RollerTech subscribes to and practices lean manufacturing and the kaizen guidelines.

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