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Our pressure measurement portfolio includes gauges, high-level multi variable transmitters, transducers, and diaphragm seal systems and manifolds. Pressure measurement equipment offers simple solutions to complex applications.

We partner with ABB and supply an extensive selection of pressure and differential pressure transmitters. These transmitters allow standardised transmitter installations plant wide, and means making configurations easy and ensures integrity of instruments is maintained.

We have also partnered with Ashcroft to provide reliable and durable products to solve problems related to vibration and pulsation.

Our comprehensive range of pressure measurement products includes absolute transmitters, pneumatic transmitters, remote seals and safety-critical transmitters.

Flow Measurement

Our range of flow measurement products aim to solve any flow problems and meet the requirements for a range of applications and uses.

We have a deep understanding of the process and what technology is available and we use this expertise to create products with multiple features and a wealth of benefits.

Flow measurement applications are ideal for a range of sectors. They include measurement in water and waste, chemical and petrochemical, paper and food, oil and gas, beverage, and pharmaceutical.

We are dedicated to understanding the instruments, applications and details of the flow devices we offer and they include electromagnetic series, vortex and swirl, variable area flow meters, clamp on ultrasonics, and flow computers.

Parker Autoclave

KC Control's Parker Autoclave portfolio offers a wide range of Medium to high pressure fittings, valves and tubing, that would suit all your industry applications. Our portfolio highlights every single series from the Low pressure Needle valves to the custom made valve, adapters & manifolds.

Parker Autoclave Engineers has long been established as the world leader in high pressure fluid handling components for the chemical/petrochemical, waterblast, research, and oil & gas industries.

Analytical - Liquids

We offer a range of analytical liquids analysers for the measurement of redox, pH and conductivity. We can assist and help solve application issues surrounding processes in brewing, chemical production, effluent treatments, and oil refining.

Analytical liquids products we supply include the Sigrist-Photometer. It delivers reliable turbidity measurement and offers the ultimate in quality control and monitoring.

Controllers & Recorders

Our selection of controllers and recorders has been selected to capture high quality products and meet the range of requirements our client's look for.

Controllers and recorders include chart recorders, panel mounted indicators, digital indicators, process recorders, and process control products. We have a collection of products to suit your needs and they all share the same high level of reliability, flexibility and are also capable of surviving and performing in harsh process environments. 


Our comprehensive range of filtration products provide reliable answers to a host of problems and Parker Hannifin provide more filter types, configurations and filter solution than any other company. We have partnered with them and collaborate with each other at the early stages of design to develop the optimum filter system solution.

The filtration systems we provide are essential to nearly every industry sector including life sciences, transportation, mobile equipment, food and beverage, process, and power generation. Our filtration products include gas and sample filters, process filters and instrumentation filters.


We partner with Parker Hannifin to help offer an extensive range of instrumentation fittings and ensure our applications and solutions are the most outstanding in value and quality.

Our fittings are designed as leak-free connections for process, gas instrumentation and power and oil applications. They are suitable for applications handling liquids, gases and chemicals and the fittings are manufactured to the highest quality and are available in a selection of configurations, materials and sizes.

For medium to high pressure fittings, we offer Innovative Pressure Technologies to cope with applications dealing with high pressure water blasting.

Gas Analytical

Our gas analytical measurement products provide innovative measurement technology and offer easy to operate and easily calibrated operations in hazardous locations.

Gas analytical products offer flexible systems and include in-line lasers and process photometers. They all provide accurate analysers for measuring gas concentrations and eliminate the need for expensive test gas cylinders.  

Hoses, Tubing & Tube Accessories

We provide a wealth of hoses, tubing and tube accessories including a range of speciality, industrial, hydraulic and hybrid hose equipment. We can supply medium, low and high pressure hoses resistant to ozone and weather, heat, oil, flame, UV, chemical, and abrasion.

Our hoses, tubing and tube accessories come in single and bonded designs and provide a range of tubing options all in accordance with industrial standards like DOT, DIN, ISO, SAE, and FDA.

Our selection includes thermo plastic tubing, heat trace and multitube, tube clamps, push-lok, quick coupling, metal hoses, and high pressure tubing.

Level Measurement

Our level measurement products include ultrasonic, radar and a range of ohger continuous level technologies as well as simple switch devices and vibrating forks.

We have the knowledge and expertise to select the correct level measurement instrument for your requirement and can design, install and commission chemical and fuel storage. We can also install movement systems from single tank systems to complete tank farms.

Temperature Sensors

We offer not only standard elements but also bespoke temperature sensors to suit a range of specialist applications. Our temperature sensors provide advanced, economic and reliable temperature measurement even in harsh and difficult environments.

Our comprehensive selection of temperature sensors include process industry head thermometers, sanitary application thermometers, rail mounted temperature transmitters, cable thermometers, infrared measurement devices, and field mounted temperature transmitters.


We supply a wide range of valves from Parker Richard Industries and we provide valve types for use with manual, motor actuated and solenoid operated applications.

Valves can be used in petrochemical, chemical, food processing and pharmaceutical sectors as well as tyre and rubber and in paper products.

We provide valves not just from Richard Industries but also Jordan Valve, Marwin Valve and Bestobell Steam. The types of valves we can supply include relief valves and manifold valves and two piece ball, flanged ball and multi point ball.

HART & Wireless Communication

The HART Communication Protocol is the leading communication technology for intelligent process measured and control instrumentation and systems with more than 30 million devices installed worldwide. User know that by using a HART device that they can gain quick, easy visibility to devices in the field when using HART-enabled handheld test, calibration devices and portable computers.

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