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KCS Services Ltd has a wealth of experience in offering quick and powerful drain cleaning and unblocking. Our knowledge of the drainage industry is always growing and helping us to improve the services we provide.

We have an ever-expanding number of drain cleaning vehicles including small vans and large tankers. We work with a extensive selection of high pressure water jetting units and our growing experiences always mean we will have the correct equipment and tools for the job whatever your requirements.

Commercial Drain Cleaning

We join forces with the highest trained people to offer unrivaled commercial drain cleaning and unblocking. We have expert equipment for cleaning, unblocking and clearing ready to be used.

We will respond immediately and efficiently to your emergency drain repair and cleanings issues and can effectively resolve your problems with our range of up to date jet vacuumation vehicles.  We can also advise on commercial drain cleaning and implement pre-planned maintenance programmes.

Commercial Drain Cleaning

CCTV Drain Surveys and Reports

We offer CCTV drain surveys and reports when the situation is unfeasible to allow people to enter the places or drain systems. They give us safe analysis of conditions and will quickly identify damage or faults.

After our CCTV drain surveys are completed, we provide you with a full report with information on the surveyed areas and offer regular inspection of pipelines and manholes. Regular examination of these areas helps maintain waste water systems and keep them running efficiently.

For more information on our CCTV drain surveys and reports call 01604 602 991.

CCTV Drain Surveys and Reports

Waste Removal

KCS Services Ltd are a registered waste handler and provide a waste removal service. If your company produces more than 500kg of dangerous waste in a year, we can take charge of all documentation.

This is a cost-effective alternative and we can register your site with the environmental agency and dispose of your waste for you. Visit our website for more information on our waste removal services. 


Waste Removal

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