Kea-Flex Mouldings Ltd.

James Walker Keaflex specialises in producing elastomeric products for all markets including the food, drink, brewery, automotive and defence industries. Their high precision production capabilities also enable the company to supply bellows and gaiters to the measurement and control industries, liquid silicone face masks for the Health and safety market and produce extremely durable hydraulic seals and gaskets for general use.

For the last thirty years James Walker Keaflex have been moulding in materials such as: natural rubber, silicone, neoprene, viton, nitrile, PVC, butyl, polyurethane, EPDM and fluorosilicone. Specialist areas include rubber to metal bonding of non-standard material, liquid silicone injection moulding and complicated silicone rubber mouldings. In house production teams are available who are experienced in providing cost-effective answers to any production or design problems faced by customers.

Keaflex also has its own fully equipped toolroom which allows them to make precision tools in-house, for moulding elastomeric parts, directly from three-dimensional modelled files. Design files received as wire frame 3D images are quickly rendered to produce a solid view of the `finished¿ component, enabling the virtual product to be examined in detail with dimensions included and precise tolerances calculated.
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